9 Holes of X-mas Outlaw Golf


Review by Matt Paprocki

Simon & Schuster


Graphics: 8

Sound: 10

Gameplay: 7

Overall: 8

Why the review of a demo disc you ask? Simple. There are 9 new holes of golf on this disc never before seen. Plus, this was an exclusive to Blockbuster video stores (Holiday Golf is the same disc and was released exclusively at Toys R Us stores) and should end up being a fairly popular collectible in a few years.

Released in 2002, Outlaw Golf was a surprise game for X-Box (later for the GameCube). Though players expecting a game more akin to Hot Shots Golf were quickly turned off by the realistic physics and gameplay, those who stuck it out and took their time to learn the idiosyncrasies of the game would be pleasantly surprised. The game had one huge glaring flaw though....only 3 courses to play on. This is why the "9 Holes of X-Mas" is a great little addition. Granted, it's only 9 holes and not a true upgrade or addition, this new course will have experienced players reeling in agony.

This course is simply infuriating at times. It's built entirely on, and I quote "A god-damn iceberg," causing your ball to roll and roll and roll and roll. 2 of the games characters are playable from the start, Harley and Killer Miller. It would be nice to be able to upload your characters if you've played the original game, but what do you expect for $4.99? To make up for this addition, all of the various clubs are selectable right from the start, making the courses somewhat more forgiving.

Not a whole lot has changed graphically since we last visited this game. The 2 included characters have new costumes to make them more comfortable in the colder weather, the crowd is now populated by elves, and duh, the entire course has a nice fluffy snow covering. Some of the holes have massive overhangs (one of them has an entire mine cart track moving over it!) and other things players of the actual game would appreciate. It's not overly spectacular, but good enough for a X-Box game.

There are a few extras to fill the disc space. There is a demo for the real Outlaw Golf, but most of us have played this before. One of the bigger bonuses is a feature from G4 (24 hour gaming TV that I don't get in my area. Damn you Direct TV!) featuring, uh, "real life" versions of Summer, Autumn, Mistress Suki, and Puddin'. Though running a bit too long, this is a highly entertaining look at the game with 2 really hot chicks, someone taken from the Jerry Springer set, and a really big fat guy with no shirt. 

Though it makes the demo somewhat long, make sure to listen to the commentary. Never before has commentary been this funny. Whether it's on the fly-bys, character intros, or post shot comments, they are absolutely hilarious. The music has been changed to better fit within the whole "X-Mas" theme that I think this demo is going for. Plus, all of the crowd sounds have been sped up to make them sound like elves. Priceless.

Look, even if the game itself wasn't all that great, the disc is only $5 so you really can't ask for more. This makes a nice little addition to any X-Box gamers shelf and collectors be aware that this may not be too easy to come by a few years from now. Yeah, it really is just a blatant advertisement in disc form, but at least it's a good one.


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Last updated: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 02:15 PM