10-Yard Fight


Review by Tony Bueno



Graphics: 1

Sound: 1

Gameplay: 1

Overall: 1

I know we've seen this one bashed in DP before, but I was hoping that the arcade emulation would prove that there was some merit to 10-Yard Fight. Regretfully, this was not the case.

10-Yard Fight is unquestionably one of the worst games I've ever played. This game makes other sports game duds like Punkshot, Main Event (if you consider wrestling a sport), Final Round, and Birdie King shine in comparison. I must admit that sports titles are generally not my favorite genre, but even if they were, I can't imagine deriving any enjoyment from this "classic".

Game play starts out at the High School level and moves up to College and Pros. After the kickoff, run as far as you can (to an incredibly monotonous army march sounding drum beat) inside a perfectly square row of defenders who all move in sync. Different plays are not selectable, forward passes are extremely difficult to execute, and your quarterback almost always laterals the ball. If you do succeed in scoring, it's on to the second half, where, oddly enough, your team receives again! How the end of the game is determined is a true mystery. I've had the ball intercepted (naturally resulting not in the other team's possession, but rather a 20-yard penalty) three times in the first half, then as soon as it happened in the second half, game over. Another time, I was at the fifteen yard line, was tackled in the end zone (which should have been a TD or at the very least a first down), when out of nowhere... game over. How an extra point is determined is another wide open question; my only option is seemingly a two point conversion.

Sights and sounds are as primitive and simplistic as anything released in 1980 or 81 (which, considering that this was released in 83, is inexcusable). I can barely make out the crude wails of "ready! 1st down! hut! hut! hut! hut! hut! hut! hut! hut!" before every play. The yards are very big, although the computer opponent is generally a snap to out-run, out-smart, and out-maneuver. He is also an exceptionally gifted pass interceptor. Inconsistencies such as these fit in perfectly in this game. What I'll never understand is why on Earth anyone would waste their time to convert this to a PSX disc. I guess for the same reason Dragon Buster, Grobda, and all those other rotten obscurities were resurrected for the Namco Museum series. This game is almost worth playing just to see how far video games have progressed in sports simulation. Almost.


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