Mystery Sound Contest!

This month's prize: Silent Hill: Origins for Sony PSP!

Deadline for entries: May 31, 2009, noon EST



How to Play: Each month, a new Mystery Sound will be posted to this page. The sound may be a simple sound effect or a full theme song. The game the sound comes from can be from any videogame - from any system - from any era. Games from Pong up through the Playstation 3 could be sampled, as well as arcade machines. Stay sharp!

To enter, click on the Mystery Sound Cabinet above and listen to the sound/music. (Some of you may have to download the file to your computer, depending on your OS and preferred media player.) Once you think you've identified the sound, click on the envelope and e-mail your guess to me. (You don't need to identify the videogame system, as many games appeared on multiple platforms. Just the game name is all we want.)

Your contest entry MUST include the following:
* The words "Mystery Sound Entry" must appear in the message Subject line.
* In the message body, you must enclose your name, a valid e-mail address you can be contacted at, and your Mystery Sound guess.

Do not use a nickname or message board ID to identify yourself, and do not assume that I'll get your e-mail address from the incoming "From" box. If any of these elements are missing, the entry will be deleted as invalid, so make sure everything is ready before you hit "Send."

Only one entry per person will be accepted. If I suspect that there are multiple entries or other foolishness going on, ALL suspect entries will be deleted. So play fairly.

On the Deadline date, one winner will be drawn from all of the correct entries. So keeping your guess a secret is a good way to increase your odds of winning! ;)

You will *not* be contacted if you made a correct or incorrect guess, nor will I confirm receipt of your entry. You will only be contacted if you have a correct guess and are the randomly chosen winner. After I have a winner, I will post the winner's name, the correct Mystery Sound name, and the Mystery Prize. A new contest will be underway shortly thereafter.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me via the contest link above. However, do not enclose questions or comments with your contest entry, as that will invalidate the entry and it will be deleted. (I'm quite the stickler for "following directions correctly," as my wife's an elementary school teacher.)

Have fun and Good luck!

Last month's Mystery Sound:

Portal ("Still Alive")

Last month's winner:

Dan Okken

Number of correct entries:

** 101 **

Last month's Mystery Prizes:

Super Mario Brothers: The Live-Action Movie on DVD!


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