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Note: the following newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, which makes them perfect for punching, printing,
and adding to a custom collecting binder. If you need the utility to view these, click the above button to get it.

* Thanks to Bill Kunkel for donating these to us to be scanned.

Aug 15,1982,V1N1

Aug 30,1982, V1N2 Sept 12,1982, V1N3 Sept 26,1982,V1N4
Oct 10,1982, V1N5 Oct 24,1982, V1N6 Nov 7,1982, V1N7 Nov 21,1982, V1N8
Dec 5,1982, V1N9 Dec 19,1982, V1N10 Jan 2,1983, V1N11 Jan 16,1983, V1N12a
Jan 16,1983, V1N12b Jan 30,1983, V1N13 Feb 13,1983, V1N14 Feb 27,1983, V1N15
V1,N16 Mar 27,1983, V1N17 Apr 10,1983, V1,N18 Apr 24,1983, V1N19
May 8,1983, V1N20 May 22,1983, V1N21 V1,N22 Jun 19,1983 V1N23
Jul 3,1983, V1N24 Jul 17,1983, V1N25 Jul 31,1983, V1N26  


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