Classic Gaming Expo 2005

August 19-21, 2005

Photos courtesy of Don Rogers and Chris Cavanaugh

  We took a bold step by hosting the event in a Mexican restaurant but clearly this was a good choice. These guys and gals can put it away!  
Mmm. Kahlua Mousse.    
  John Hardie kicks off the after dinner welcome and awards segment.  
  Some of the awards were given to CGE staff who have been an integral part of the show's operation for the last 8 years.  
  Surprise! John Hardie and Sean Kelly award me for this year's effort. Just doin' my job. Organizers hug in this, one of several uncomfortable moments.
  So where IS my award, anyway?!  
  I've never hugged so many men in such a short time. Later, I took a long shower to clean off the man-filth.  


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