Digital Press Goes to
Classic Gaming Expo 2k3

August 9th & 10th, 2003

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He's back! After two more years of conquering this tiny planet, "Space Fury Guy" is back and more serious than ever. Look at that empty gaze, completely devoid of feeling. "Space Fury Guy" descended upon the unsuspecting Digital Press booth, callously swiped a few chocolates and a piece of gum, and suddenly disappeared in a flash of fire, brimstone, and diabolical laughter. The G4 TV crew sets up for another day of programming.
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More babe-o-licious action ensues as Diane Mizota, hostess of G4's program Filter checks in with her producer before recording. There really isn't anything quite like a wall of classic coin-ops set on "free play". Oh wait, yes there is...a wall of classic coin-ops set on "free play" with no one in front of you. Bruce Carso of B & C Computervisions really knows his Atari stuff. This booth is as much an information center as it is a place to fill in some gaps in your collection.
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What is a Classic Gaming Expo without Intellivision Productions? They had their terrific 25-in-1 and 10-in-1 portable units for sale all weekend. A surreal moment: four gamers absolutely captivated by Atari 2600 Pac-Man. Facing us are Roundtable members Drexel923 and Raedon. Even on Sunday, the band played on and the people poured in. At this point in the show, Walter Day of Twin Galaxies presented his Video Game Proclamation for all to sign!
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Expo organizer John "CX2K" Hardie obliges a local Vegas TV station with his musings. Not shown here is his somewhat controversial performance of "Break Dance 2003" which allegedly has Las Vegas in an uproar. I never realized there were so many people that could play this game so well, but there they are... the Dragon's Lair II machine had people lined up near it all day long. As the Nolan Bushnell keynote was about to begin, the event quckly became standing room only. Note my clever use of flash bulb to blind the crowd and sneak into the empty seat. Bwahaha!
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His keynote was lively and informative, discussing those early years of Syzygy and Atari, his early recollections of Pong, the Kee Games project, and some fun facts about the Atari assembly line. "Hammer"! More than just an autograph, Mr. Bushnell actually drew a mini Pong doodle next to his signature on this rare vintage Puppy Pong machine. A picture with Nolan Bushnell at Classic Gaming Expo. John (right) can now die a happy man. After which, I (left) shall procure this signed machine from his evil clutches.
A little group photo at the end of Sunday's show... we couldn't find all 70 of our friends but we did capture a few. In the back row, that's Portnoyd just under the "I" in Digital Press, RetroYoungen is in the backwards cap in front of him, Punkoffgirl is to his right, Raedon's got the AMD white and green-sleeve shirt, Atar1g1rl sitting in front of the table, thejpc behind her, l_lamb on the left side couch with Raccoon Lad peeking out over his shoulder, Anotherfluke squatting in front of the couch to the right (with the beard), Drexel923 on the far side of the couch, Queen of Felines and Mayhem on the near side of the couch, Phosphor Dot Fossils peeking in from the right, and MarioAllStar2600 sitting in front of the couch. There were better pictures elsewhere in this gallery for all of the other members you see here. Thanks to all of you for hanging out at our booth, the show has always been about gaming and the gaming community to us. See you again in 2k4!

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