Sega 32X US Collection

Call this another addendum to the Roomof Doom pics. I recently acquired the very last piece of the 32X library(again, not a difficult title at all - Blackthorne), finalizing a collectionthat I've been very slowly working on since the day the system launched. Theseare very high quality pics so you can zoom right on in.

32x_01.jpg 32x_02.jpg 32x_07.jpg 32x_14.jpg
32x_08.jpg 32x_06.jpg 32x_16.jpg 32x_04.jpg
32x_11.jpg 32x_10.jpg 32x_05.jpg 32x_15.jpg
32x_03.jpg 32x_13.jpg 32x_09.jpg 32x_12.jpg

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