Questprobe’s Spider-Man FAQ - Atari 8-bit version

By Scott Stilphen


· Solution: Go ceiling (or wall), W, get GEM, E, E, Open doors, Go shaft, l nich (GEM), U, l nich (GEM), U, l nich (GEM), Push up, U, l nich (GEM), W, Open desk (GEM), Open painting (FORMULA), Get desk, Get couch, Get clock, Lower thermostat x2, Go shaft, D, W, W, Close eyes, W, Push knob, Turn knob, Open eyes, Get GEM, E, E, Go shaft, D, D, W, W, N, N, Drop gems (7), S, S, E, E, Go shaft, U, U, W, W, S, Get acid, Get calcium, N, N, Mix acid and calcium, Get calcium, S, S, get powders, N, N, make web (or fluid), S, E, Go shaft, D, D, W, W, S, Throw calcium at lizard, l Conners (GEM), Get Conners, N, N, E, get statue, W, l west, shoot web at gem (BIO GEM), N, drop gems (2), S, S, E, Go shaft, U, W, W, Go ceiling, Open mesh, drop mesh (not req.), Go duct, Get GEM, Shoot web at fan x5, Shoot web at button, Go fan, Get GEM, D x5, Grab Octopus, Hit Electro, l Octopus (GEM), l Electro (GEM), Get all, W, Drop Octopus, Drop Electro, Drop Conners, Drop statue, Drop desk, Drop couch, Drop clock, l dial (says 951 lbs of paper), Get GEM, E, U x5, Go fan, D, D, Feel north, Get GEM, S, Feel south, Get GEM, N, E, E, Go shaft, U, U, W, Raise thermostat, Go shaft, D, W, W, W, Type run (prints newspaper), E, E, Go shaft, D, W, W, Go ceiling, Go duct, Go fan, D x5, Get newspaper, read newspaper, U x5, Go fan, D, D, N, E, E, Go shaft, U, W, W, W, type new (GEM), E, E, Go shaft, D, D, W, W, N, E, l tank, empty tank, get GEM, W, N, Drop gems (9), Score. You get the message “I’ve stored 18 gems, on a scale of 0 to 100 that rates a: 100 CHIEF EXAMINER appears and says: ‘Congratulations!’ & ‘Save this password: MICAH’.”

· The map online shows the complete layout, along with all the gem locations (red and green dots). {Khalid Jamil}

· Don't go into the room with the biogem and natter energy egg; if you do, you won't be able to get the biogem b/c when you leave the room the egg will explode!

· If you drop the mesh in the misty air duct room, you can’t pick it back up. The only way to get it again is if you go down at that point (so that you’re floating in the air) - then you’ll see it.

· There’s no gem in the newspaper, as there is in the C-64 version. Instead, when you open (read) it, it says “A gem is in reverse new type!” which means you have to go back to the press room and type “type new” to get the gem. {John Davidson}

· If the game is played on a system with more than 48k, you’ll see extra animation scenes showing Spider-Man forcing the elevator doors open and shooting his web.

· The game’s packaging states part of your objective is to unlock the riddle of the Chief Examiner. Although the Chief Examiner tied all the Questprobe titles together, there doesn’t appear to be an in-game puzzle or riddle about him. This is possibly just a reference to the Questprobe comics.

· The manual includes 10 clues. #2 states, "There are two formulas that you need to make your web fluid.", but there only seems to be one (there is “formula” in the crib, but it can’t be used for anything). Perhaps they meant to state “two chemicals”?

· "Micah" (Spider-Man), "Aria" (Hulk), and "Maegen" (Fantastic Four) are the names of programmer Scott Adam's kids. It was thought that the passwords were part of a Chief Examiner statement or riddle, since Micah (Synn) and Aria are also other Marvel characters, and because 12 games were planned for the Questprobe series (along with an accompanying Marvel comic book). Only 3 games/comics were made. The fourth comic starring the X-Men was already finished and was published years later in another series called Marvel Fanfare. Adventure International went out of business while game number four was being written (most likely X-Men).

· BUG: If you use the command ‘take chemicals’ or ‘get chemicals’ anywhere, the input parser will become messed up. Use ‘get all’ or ‘take all’ instead.

Commodore 64 notes

· The map online is for the Atari solution. The only difference is the location of one gem – there will only be 1 in the computer room and 4 in the printing press room.

· The text parser only looks at the first 4 letters of any word, so you can save some time typing in commands like ‘rais ther’ and ‘empt aqua’.

· When you solve the game, you get the message “Chief Examiner appears & says; ‘Save this password: MICAH’. FANTASTIC! You’ve solved it ALL! The Adventure is over. Want to try this Adventure again?


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