One of our forum's members, goatdan, seems to have "cracked the code" on how to determine
if a U.S. Genesis Model 1 has the "Sega License" copyright screen at power up. It has
nothing to do with the looks, what ports it has or even serial numbers, but rather the
FCC ID code that gets placed on all electronic devices. On the underside of the Genesis
you should see a label that has "FCC" on it. The following are the two types of IDs that
are on the Model 1's:

FJ846EUSASEGA: original model made before September 1, 1991. Doesn't have lockout chip or
copyright screen.

FJ8USASEGA: original model made after September 1, 1991. Has a lockout chip and copyright

Here are the known games that won't work on models with the lockout chip. Use of a Game
Genie may help with these, but some games (marked with an asterik '*') were later revised
to be compatible with the lockout chip:

Ishido *
Mega Drive imports
Onslaught *
Zany Golf

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