Timothy Gutierrez.
1.  How To Deal With Your Siblings.
FLORA:  Flora doesn?t trust corwin, nor is she, herself trustworthy.  Keep her happy, but uninformed.  She 
cannot be killed.
RANDOM:  Random may be loyal and trustworthy if he is not alienated.  Do not try to kill him.
JULIAN:  Do not trust Julian.  He has a long standing hatred of Corwin.  You may or may not kill Julian.
DEIRDRE:  Deirdre is fair and forgiving, treat her equally.  Abandoning her at the stake will give you a 
different path to take.
ERIC:  He?s Corwin?s equal and should be taken seriously.  He may or may not be bluffed, depending on 
the status of previously met siblings.
LLEWELLA:  She distrusts Corwin, be truthful and humble.
GERARD:  He could be a strong ally, do not alienate him.  He is physically stronger than Corwin, do not 
try to kill him.  He is disgusted with the rivalries within the family.
BLEYS:  Bleys? friendship can be beneficent - but do not trust him.
FIONA:  Do not underestimate Fiona, her powers over the pattern are stronger than Corwin?s.
BRAND:  His power over the pattern is stronger than Fiona?s.  Do not trust him.  You can get info by 
bluffing him.
BENEDICT:  He is older and has more influence than Corwin.  He may or may not be bluffed.  He cannot 
be killed.
CAINE:  He will follow whatever mood Julian is in.  There is no interaction with Caine in the game.
MOIRE:  She is a powerful queen.  Be truthful and humble.
LANCE:  A true knight, who can prove to be an ally.
GANELON:  A man of mystery, do not judge him too harshly.
JOPIN:  He is an old friend.
11.  What Kind of World is This?
AMBER:  The one true world-reality.
SHADOW:  Those places that have been created from the mind of a prince or princess of Amber.  Earth is 
a shadow world of Amber.  A prince of Amber can create a world just by imagining it.  Shadows exist 
between the two worlds of Amber and Chaos.
CHAOS:  A world where evil and disorder rein.  Chaos is the enemy of Amber.
SHADOW-WALK:  Going from one place to another by changing one surroundings with their mind.
REBMA:  The reflection of the city of Amber in the waters below it.  Moire is Rebma?s queen.  Llewella 
lives there.
ARDEN:  The forest outside of Amber.
AVALON:  A shadow once created and ruled by Corwin, (Ganelon also lived in avalon at that time) 
supposedly very much like Amber.  Now ruled by Benedict.
CABRA:  The lighthouse that is the lookout for Amber.
THE PATTERN:  It is inscribed in the genes of the blood royalty of Amber.  It is what gives them the 
power over shadow and the trump cards.  It was created by Dworkin as were the trump cards.  To walk it is 
to know it?s power.
EXPLOSION:  Explosions cannot occur in Amber-it is physically impossible.  Although Dworkin seems 
to have found a powder that may ignite in Amber.
THE BLACK ROAD:  A road that appears to lead from chaos to the steps of Amber, that allows creatures 
from Chaos entrance to Amber.  Spilled blood upon the Pattern caused this road to appear.
KOLVIR:  The mountain atop which the city of Amber stands.
AVERNUS:  The land close to Amber where Corwin has trained armies.
111.  How to Take Different Paths to the End.
Left Flora happy?  Asked her about Greenwood?
Bluffed Deirdre?  Abandoned Deirdre?
Allied with Eric?
Convinced Bleys to come to you in the library?
Found the Pendant?
Allied with Gerard?
Rescued the missing Brother?
Met Llewella or Moire?
Talked to Perry Mason?
Fenced with Sir Lancelot du Lac?
Gone to the desertland?
Avoided going to the cell?
Avoided fighting the Black Circle?
Spoke to Fiona yet?


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