Friday the 13th FAQ v1.1 (5/24/97)
By Mark J. Popp

Friday the 13th (NES) LJN

*Revision History*
v1.1 - Discovered pattern to finding the cabin in the woods.

Starting the Game
Lighting the Fireplaces
Navigating the Cave
Fighting Jason
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You probably picked up this game because you're a fan of the movies. 
Few people suspected how challenging Friday the 13th was until they 
played it for a few minutes. This game is very unforgiving for the 
following reasons:
- the frequent Jason attacks (even his fists will make short work of you, 
and he always returns more powerful than before). As if fighting him in 
the cabins wasn't enough, he stalks you on the trail, in the forest, and 
even in the lake as well!
- his army of minions (all the zombies, wolves and bats) appear 
nonstop. While you're battling one or two, more come out of the ground 
to have a piece of you (and they usually get it).
- instead of a hardened adventurer, you play the role of a camp 
counselor who has little experience battling homicidal maniacs, so that 
could explain the poor physical abilities of the characters, namely their 
jumping ability and stamina.
- most of the useful items (such as weapons and medicine) appear 
randomly, making your search and destroy mission a bit more 

You might find the game is more enjoyable with the Game Genie, but 
frustratingly difficult without it. However, it doesn't deserve some of the 
lowest ratings ever given to a NES game by gaming magazines. 

Nintendo Power EGM
Graphics & Sound: 3.5/5.0 Reviewer 1: 3.0/10
Play Control: 3.0/5.0 Reviewer 2: 2.0/10
Challenge: 3.0/5.0 Reviewer 3: 4.0/10
Theme & Fun: 3.0/5.0 Reviewer 4: 4.0/10

Nintendo Power avoided a formal review of the game. EGM gave it the 
lowest rating any NES game has received, next to Total Recall. [To 
check the rating of any NES game EGM has reviewed visit 

Most people probably told you to avoid this one, but Friday the 13th 
can actually be very rewarding if you give it a chance. It just takes a 
little practice. Don't try to muscle your way through; you need finesse to 
survive until the end of the day. And since this game keeps you on your 
toes, you can't say you didn't get your money's worth. This FAQ will 
provide some useful adventuring tips and strategy for getting through 
the game, but it will still be a challenge. So if I haven't scared you away 
yet, let's begin.

*Strategy - Starting the Game*

Crissy and Mark are the best runners and jumpers. This gives them the 
ability to defeat enemies, avoid obstacles and acquire weapons at the 
beginning of the game more easily than the other counselors. While 
you keep the slower counselors near the children to ward off Jason's 
attacks (especially around the lake), use Crissy or Mark to get daggers 
for all the characters. When you find one (usually by jumping randomly 
or killing monsters) go to the nearest (small) cabin and pass the weapon 
onto a weaker counselor. Keep doing this until all the counselors have 
daggers. Now everyone should be strong enough to go out on their 
own and they will be able to defend themselves better when Jason 
corners and attacks them. The strongest weapon that the counselors can 
earn by defeating enemies on the outside is the machete. After you get 
the machete, the zombies will go down with one swipe. Be careful not 
to accidentally pick up a dagger that appears on the path if you have a 
more powerful weapon! You can't get it back.

As you stroll around the camp, stop by every cabin to: 1) light the 
fireplaces, 2) search for weapons (they appear randomly after you have 
all the fireplaces blazing) and notes (also random but are repetitious, 
though some contain important tips), 3) pass stronger weapons onto 
weaker counselors, 4) cure sick counselors, because you may need them 
to fight Jason or find an item, and you don't want to be carrying 
around a body bag, and 5) switch to the closest available counselor 
whenever Jason is attacking someone.

While you're on the trails (and in the cave and forest) remember that 
sometimes it's easier to leap over zombies and wolves than it is to blast 
your way through them. They have a tendency to multiply faster than 
you can exterminate them. If you have a turbo button, use it to throw 
your weapons quickly enough to destroy the hordes of zombies and to 
pummel Jason. By jumping you'll also be able to find jars of medicine, 
keys and lighters. 

If you find your energy getting low, choose a healthy counselor to 
venture into the woods and find some medicine. It's more plentiful there 
than on the regular trails. Keep jumping around and killing creatures 
until you have an adequate supply. Then go to the injured counselor and 
cure him/her. To find the hidden cabin (which houses a nice supply of 
powerful weapons after you have the fireplaces going) follow these 

- Entering the woods from above (going down into the forest): Go right 
and down the first path. Keep going right and go up the next path. The 
door to the cabin is here (you'll need a key to get in).
- Entering the woods from below (going up into the forest): Go right 
and down the first path. Go left and down the next path, then go down 
again immediately. Go right and up the next path. The door is here 
(don't forget the key).

If you find a more convenient path, please let me know.

An alarm will sound when a counselor or the children are being 
attacked by Jason. A timer will also start to count down from 60 beside 
the counselor or kid icons (depending on who Jason is attacking). You 
don't want to wait too long because some of the children will be dead by 
the time you reach them OR Jason will have beaten a counselor to a 
bloody pulp. When you hear the signal, go immediately to a small cabin 
(you can't switch counselors in the big cabins), and switch to the 
counselor that is in the same cabin as Jason. Or if Jason is in the middle 
of the lake, change over to the closest counselor to row there and save 
the kids. If you're busy exploring the cave or forest and it's too 
inconvenient to leave and rescue the kids, just leave them to the maniac. 
You'll only lose 5 or so, and you can continue the game. However, don't 
leave a counselor to be killed by Jason: they may have important items 
or weapons that you won't be able to get back if they're killed! Don't 
forget once you lose kids or counselors, you can't get them back ever, 
so don't leave anyone to be butchered if you can help it. And beware of 
losing ALL your counselors or kids; the game will end then.

Get as much done in the daylight as possible. When night descends, 
more monsters will be around, and you won't see the sun again until you 
have killed Jason.

*Strategy - Lighting the Fireplaces*

The six largest cabins in the camp have fireplaces. If all these fireplaces 
are lit by the counselors, you will receive the flashlight. Also, when the 
fireplaces are lit, the machete and axe can be found in the cabins that 
are in the woods, and the torch will be in one of the cabins that is close 
to the lake. First get a lighter by defeating enough zombies (sometimes 
you can retrieve this item merely by leaping at the right spot on the 
screen), then go to all the big cabins to light the fireplaces. These are 
the directions to navigate a large cabin, light the fireplace and depart: 
Up, Up, Right (a note is sometimes left here), Up, Left (here's the 
fireplace), Left, Up, Left (you can see the door from here), Up, Up, Up 
(out the door). It may take a few searches through the camp, but 
eventually you can recover a flashlight in one of the large cabins. When 
you do find it, go immediately to the cave to see once-hidden 
passageways. This item makes it easier to find Jason's mother. When 
she has been defeated, you will receive a powerful weapon or item.

*Strategy - Navigating the Cave*

Don't go in here without Mark or Crissy. There are some jumps (to high 
ledges) that you won't be able to make without these characters. Don't 
forget that you need a key to get into the secret areas of both the cave 
and forest. So if you're looking for these areas and don't yet have a key, 
don't waste your time. Defeat enough zombies and jump around until 
you find one. Although most people will tell you to avoid the cave 
until you have the flashlight, there is an easy way to discover the secret 
entrance to Jason's mother without it. If you look carefully, the stones 
below a secret passageway are shaped slightly differently. So you won't 
need the flashlight at all. Make your way into the cave early in the game 
and go left. Jump over the two pits and stop. Press up while you are on 
the second or third rock from the left edge of the platform you are 
currently standing on, just before you would normally make a third 
jump. The entrance is there. If you can't find it, just keep pressing up on 
the platform until you do. Actually, if you use this little trick, you can 
get by without using Mark or Crissy. Just be VERY careful and don't 
attempt any difficult jumps. Simply exit the cave the same way you 
came and you won't. 

Jason's mother isn't really that difficult; but it's important to avoid her 
attacks. Just like her son, she moves in a predictable pattern. Follow her 
as she moves left and right, hurling daggers at her (it has to be daggers 
or better, I don't think stones will reach her). When she swoops down, 
move left or right to get out of the way (don't duck!). Repeat. She'll 
finally expire (for now) and relinquish the machete, the sweater, or the 
pitchfork (depending on how many times you have killed Jason).

*Strategy - Fighting Jason*

There doesn't seem to be any pattern (geographically) of Jason attacks. 
Although, you risk the chance of running into him on the trails if he has 
recently occupied a nearby cabin. And NEVER follow him after an 
encounter on the trails or you might end up fighting him again. 

If you meet him on a path, go to the opposite side from where he entered, 
wait until he comes to that side, leap over him, run to the opposite side 
and start shooting. Don't jump over him too soon or you won't have as much 
time to shoot him. Just make sure you jump over him and avoid his 
weapons, or it'll be a really short battle. He'll soon grow tired of you 
and escape. 

When fighting him in the cabins, duck to avoid his hits. NEVER stand there 
and toss your weapon at him. He'll beat you senseless and send you to the 
morgue after 3 or 4 hits. After your first encounter, he'll return with the 
machete. When you beat him again, he'll come at you with an axe. After that 
he may decide to use his fists again just for kicks. About halfway through 
the game, Jason will attack the children in the cabins on the lake more 
often (making your job more difficult) and towards the end he'll forget 
about the kids entirely and attack only counselors. After you kill him, 
he'll be rejuvenated (but so will all your counselors, at least the ones 
that survived) and stronger than before. Keep hunting him. At this point, 
if you defeat Jason's mother, you will receive the sweater. This disguise 
will lessen the impact of Jason's blows and he'll avoid attacking you on the 
trail. After you kill him again, return to the cave to win the pitchfork 
from Jason's mother. This hefty weapon will give you the power to go after 
Jason for a fight to the finish.

*Contact Info*

Friday the 13th FAQ by Mark J. Popp. My E-mail address is 
. If you have anything to add to this FAQ, or 
find any errors, please let me know, and I will update the FAQ. You 
may freely distribute this FAQ as is, but if you change anything, get my 
permission before distributing it.

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