1- Solution

This data disk was pretty harder than Escape From Targ. I never managed to finish it, but here is a great solution written by Paul Dixon.

Not as easy as the first, the creator has involved tricks here which are 'way below the belt'. So we have to play hard ball back.
First off. I don't know where the antenna is, which destroyed the renting a ship option. So I just found the spare interstellar ship and the nova drive, to do this you will need almost all the keys, and the 'pass', which is hidden in one of the mazes.

So you landed on Targ, time to buy the dominion dart and get moving. Fly over to 08-01, and listen to the talk from the Palyar commander. Okay you don't have, but it's a part of the spiritual feeling of the game. Back to the hangar and a sightseeing tour.

Getting the first keys - tackle the maze
Fly over to 13-08, and admire the buildings in the process. Land use the right hand ine way teleporter in the hangar. Grab the '12939 Supply'. Run round into the next room and grab the key and hop through teleporter.

You should be in 03-04. Run back out into the hangar, grab the sprint car, and it's back to 13-08.
On the 270' wall there is a normal looking door, go through, welcome to the maze. It's easy to get out of. go through the doors on the following walls.
180' ; 270' ; 00' ; 270' ; 00' ; 90'
Grab 'The Pass', and go into the teleporter

Now you should be in a nice yellow room, with lots of ends of one way teleporters. There should be a nice sexagonal key here. Now the one and only exit is on the 90' wall, and bad news it flips all the vectors round.
Find the exit to the room, grab the medical supplies in the next room, out the door on your right, and then into the 2-way teleporter.

There should be a one-way teleporter on the other side of the triangular door. That gets you into the yellow room again. Back through the rigga'ma'roll of flipping the vectors to thier normal direction. When in the room where you first found the medical supplies.

Now you are in an 'identical' fake green hangar, which looks like the hangar in 13-08. Find the door with the triangle on it. A word of warning BEFORE you go in. It's an all brown room, with brown background, and brown edges, you can easily loose the way out. As soon as you are through the door, DROP the medical supplies. Infront should be a hidden door with the skull and crossbones sign. DON'T GO THROUGH IT! This will 'drop' you out of the colony craft, leaving you stranded at 08-08. Now to your right should be a key. Grab it, and make your way back to the medical supplies (your exit out).
Grab the supplies and exit

On the far wall 270', should be a normal looking door.
Welcome to the second maze. Go through the following doors
270' ; 00' ; 270' ; 180' ; 270' ; 270' ; 90'
This should get you to a red room. Take the 'databank'. Use the teleporter and now you are back in the yellow room, with the flipping teleporter. Jump through the teleporter and you are back in the yellow room. Exit, use the 2 way teleporters, to get back to the fake green hangar, and then use the one way teleporter to get back to the yellow room again, so you can flip the vectors back to normal.

Getting the Photon Emitter
You need to get back to 03-04. Now you have 2 choices.
1. Chance the random teleporter in the next room (a long thin yellow room, with lots of locked doors).
2. Go back through the teleporter, to the fake green hangar. Go into the all brown room, and through the door with the skull and cross bones.
Both choices may wind up with you having to quit.
If you drop out of the colony craft, you can drop all your objects in a neat pile, then 'quit'. and all your objects will be 100 meters from your restart position.
The random teleporter may drop you into a right hangar....if you are lucky.
Don't forget the left hand teleporter in 08-01 will get you to 03-04 as well.

Back in 03-04 complex, you should habe almost free run off the place, bar the door with the triangle, which is a room with no lights. Time to sort out 'that' problem. From the hangar in 03-04 you should see a door on the 90' wall, with a sexagonal lock. Go through that. Head right, and through into the next room and into the teleporter.
Now you should be in a pink room, with the photon emitter.
Grab it, and go through the one and only available door, the one with the skull and cross-bones. Drop all your objects, 'quit', pick them back up again, and head to 13-08(the one with the maze). Run through the door with the triangle on the 90' wall. Head right, take the door at the far end of the corridor. Keep following it round, you should see a vital key in the next room. Go to the next room and you should be in the comm room. Yup, it's broken and I don't know where the antenna is. That doesn't concern us though.

Head for 03-04 hangar. Go through the plain door on the 270' wall. Veer right, into the unlit room. Lo and behold, lots of doors with lots of locks.
Behind these doors, are the anti-grav, anti-time bomb, catering provision, the big box, and the usefull armanmant. Most importantly is the second door on the left (almost infront of you as you come in). The lock should match the key, that you grabbed from the all brown room in the 'fake' green hangar.
Inside is the anti-grav unit. Head back out into the previous room. Make you way to the far end and into the next room. There is a 2 way teleporter to the 08-01 complex. Time to make another spiritual pilgramage to the palyar briefing room. WHY?
You need to pick up the table in the briefing room, you see, it is the 'cheese'.

The Palyar Colony craft
Fly the cheese to the colony craft, and then aim for the 'dot' above. Here is the neutron fuel. Head back down to the colony craft. Get out of the cheese, and aim for the normal lookin door on the 90' wall. There is 2 exits one your immediate left, and one to the far right. Turn right and aim to the door to the far side.
Once through the door, look left, grab the key. Don't drop this key! There are doors within the colony craft which looked unlocked, and once you are through, they become locked. It is quite annoying. Thankfully they require this pentagon key, and they all these doors reside on the bottom floor. You can go into the next room and see that it has a door with skull and cross-bones. In there is a 2nd prison with the old cheese.

More sightseeing: head back to the hangar, BUT BEFORE you go into it, there should be that other door that was very close to the door that leads to the hangar. Go into this room now.
You are now transported to the 'identical' colony craft. Follow the rooms back round to the 'skull and crossbones', and you should find it no longer exists. Evil hey? Through into the new room, to see it is the palyar commanders brother in laws room. The next room, you should find the metal detector. Head back to the hangar, and notice the 'cheese table' is no longer there. I thought it was bug in the game, for several hours, and I couldn't find the pentagon key. Eventually it all came together.
Go into ANY OTHER room now, and you should be transported back to the normal layout of the colony craft. The door on the 180' wall should be the Weapons room. The doors on the 270' wall should take you to the upper level, and the lower lever (this is also the stores room).

The ground floor, has the Power room (leave neutron fuel watch out for one-way locking doors with the pentagon key). There is also the exchequer (only good if you cheat), the interview room (leave mechanoid commander), conference room (leave 12939 supply), the control room (leave the databank), and the kitchen (leave catering provisions).
The upper floor, has the Power room (leave energy crystal), the infirmary (leave medical supplies), and the labroratory (leave winchester)

Time to complete this thing (spritually)
You got a fast ship, lots of cash, a bunch of keys and the pass. In fact you have everything to go to the **-08 hangar and pick up the novadrive. To get to it **-08, you have to go through the maze (don't forget to right your the vector flipping). The series of brown rooms that you wound up in, after the yellow room with the one way transporters, this is the **-08 hangar complex. OR you can just fly there.
In this hangar complex is every other object you need the' Novadrive', the' Power Crystal', the 'Winchester', the last of the 'Keys' and the' Sight'. The later two are in the two normal rooms, leading away from the hangar.

The Novadrive
To get to the novadrive, you must go through the locked door in the **-08 hangar. Go 90' and then the pentagon door on the 180' wall. Work your way through all the doors, and there is 'The Novadrive'.

The Interstellar Ship
There is three ways to get this thing. It sits in the **-08 Hangar complex.
a) cheat, using the authors short cuts.
b) Working your way through the series of all brown rooms from the fake green hangar.
c) Fly there. You need 'The Pass' for the elevator.

Get on board and get out of there.

Okay the mazes work on a one room principle. Each room hangs in deep space, and each door is a magical link to another place.
Each room in the maze has one door which is the only one 'true' exit.
The other three will put you into a default room, of which there are two, one green, and one blue.
The second maze, has a unique aspect. It has two routes.
You automatically start off running Maze number 2.
If you mess up and take a wrong turn, you will automatically drop into the 1rst Maze.
Have fun. Drop a few objects and chase them around to see what I mean.


  Room name Room's doors lead to:
1 Green Room 1 00 - BR1 ; 90 - BR1 ; *180 - BR2 ; 270 - BR1
2 Blue Room 1 00 - GR1 ; 90 - GR1 ; 180 - GR1 ; 270 - GR1
3 Blue Room 2 00 - GR1 ; 90 - GR1 ; 180 - GR1 ; *270 - GR2
4 Green Room 2 *00 - BR3 ; 90 - BR1 ; 180 - BR1 ; 270 - BR1
5 Blue Room 3 00 - GR1 ; 90 - GR1 ; *180 - GR3 ; 270 - GR1
6 Green Room 3 00 - BR1 ; 90 - BR1 ; 180 - BR1 ; *270 - BR4
7 Blue Room 4 *00 - GR4 ; 90 - GR1 ; 180 - GR1 ; 270 - GR1
8 Green Room 4 00 - BR1 ; *90 - EXIT ; 180 - BR1 ; 270 - BR1
Maze 2
  Room name Room's doors lead to:
9 Green Room 5 00 - BR1 ; 90 - BR1 ; 180 - BR1 ; *270 - BR6
10 Blue Room 5 *00 - GR6 ; 90 - GR1 ; 180 - GR1 ; 270 - GR1
11 Green Room 6 00 - BR1 ; 90 - BR1 ; 180 - BR1 ; *270 - BR6
12 Blue Room 6 00 - GR1 ; 90 - GR1 ; *180 - GR7 ; 270 - GR1
13 Green Room 7 00 - BR1 ; 90 - BR1 ; 180 - BR1 ; *270 - BR7
14 Blue Room 7 00 - GR1 ; 90 - GR1 ; 180 - GR1 ; *270 - GR8
15 Green Room 8 00 - BR1 ; *90 - EXIT ; 180 - BR1 ; 270 - BR1

Go on, you know you want to.
Those triangular doors in all the hangars, lead to the same place, The Authors Short Cuts.
You always appear through the same door, which is the first one door on the list.

The Normal Hangars Exotic Hangars Duplicate Fake Hangars Maze short Cuts
1 08-01 5 08-** 9 (Fake)Palyar Colony Hangar 12 Room with Pass
2 03-04 6 05-13 10 (Fake)05-13 13 Room with Database
3 14-15 7 **-08 11 (Fake)13-08 The one that can't be categorised
4 13-08 8 Palyar Colony Hangar     14 Room with Photon Emitter

2- More hints

Hangars are at: 14-15 ; 05-13 ; 13-08 ; 03-04 ; 08-01 ; **-08; 08-**.

There are many traps in The Second City. For example, in the 13-08 hangar, there's a maze when you cross the normal door. See the maps to get out of it ! As well, there's a door in the colony craft that seem to lead to 2 different rooms every time you cross it.
Another strange thing (at least in ST and Amiga versions) is rooms that have walls of the same color as the doors; so you get for instance a complete red screen! One way to see where the doors are is to load a game, then the colors will change before the screen displays the loaded game, and you got one second to see where the doors are in the room. I guess there's another way to see them?...

Here are some more hints I found on the Net on Ami Cheat's Page
Fly the Dominion Dart as usual, fly to above 350 meters, level off (your speed should be 1,781 kph) and fire a missile. Pick the missile up once you get close to it and then land. Go to 08,08 , and take the crashed intergalactic craft and go to 08,06 (in fact 08-01 - Simon). Go underground exit your ship and walk through the triangular door. You now have access to the authors cheat room where you'll get keys to every door, passes out of prison and the ability to carry lots of goodies in your pockets.

Some more help for the labyrinth, by Pawel Garycki:
There is a system to find the right way in labirynths. You should carry some useless items with you when entering the labirynth and drop them whenever you find yourself in an empty room. Though there are two colours of rooms, the rooms differ from each other and the only way of recognizing them are dropped items. Then you draw on a sheet of paper the connections via each door leading from each of the room. You need at least 7 items to cover the whole maze and get the Pass or Databank.
Remember there are two labirynths: in 13-08 and in 08-**. The primary is the further. Note: if youmake a mistake in 08-** you'll be carried to the beginning of 13-08 maze; so first mark the first maze with items, then the second. I know you'll run out of those useless ones, but you might as well mark the maze with those valuable; should you solve the problem of finding Databank, collect all dropped items during your next trip through the maze. Good luck.

Finally, the military solution by Pawel Garycki:
With the help of the Metal Detector (and Sights if you find them helpful) you can recognize those building which belong only to the one of the sites. Shoot them all! If you loose one of them or e.g. don't want to destroy the church (St.Stallards) you can afford not destroying two or three buildings in order to achieve the victory.
But note that in The Second City some of the areas indicated by Metal Detector don't contain any building: you must soot the empty space in the center of such a place so that you hear the voice of fall-down.
If you make a mistake and ruin a building which doesn't belong to the enemy site, you shall rebuild it by shooting at it while carrying the Anti Time Bomb. You'll need it too, if you happen to crash the Author's Advert before leaving the planet.
I've done the work for Palyars and they gave me The Pass! The Mechanoids haven't paid me for the job, but Simon said they did: they gave him money.
Note from Simon: I was paid by the Mechanoids in Escape From Targ but didn't try it in the Second City. Reminder for the Metal Detector: Palyars = green light, Mechanoids = blue light, else it is neutral.

Items and vehicles description


This is just to explain... Well, the use of some items! :) This list is almost complete, but if you know more about the game, don't be afraid to send a mail. Thanks go to John Selck again for helping (he did 80% of the table below :), and to Pawel Garycki for complementary information.


--- Items:
Antenna use in Communication Room to contact Spaceship Rental
Anti Time Bomb reconstructs a destroyed building by shooting at it again
Antigrav allows picking up heavy items and vehicles (and more items in inventory?)
Bite The Bullet (shot) lets you pick up fixed objects in The Second City (Prestinium!)
Cheese the best vehicle (in The Second City disguised as a table)
Cobweb lockpick in Escape From Targ - get the Kitchen Sink first
Coffin useless - dead weight !
Interstellar Ship possibility to leave targ
Kitchen Sink lets you pick up fixed objects in Escape From Targ (Cobweb!)
Metal Detector indicates buildings owners: Palyars = green light, Mechanoids = blue light, else it is neutral. This is better to get the reward by destroying buildings
Novadrive needed to engage interstellar ship
Pass needed to enter Hangar 03-15 in Escape From Targ, 08-** in Second City
Photon Emitter light in dark areas
Power Amp enhance Dominion Dart (allowing it to reach the Orbital Complex)
Prestinium (crashed) lockpick in Second City - get Bite The Bullet first
Sights Head Up Display
--- Items which can be sold at specific locations: Escape From Targ Second City
Palyars: Mechanoids: Palyars: Mechanoids:
Large Box 35000 (Stores) 80000 (Stores) 25 (Stores) 202600 (Stores)
Medical Supplies 40000 (Infirmary)   30354 (Infirmary)
Essential 12939 Supply 50000 (Conference Room)   100000 (Conference Room)
Catering Provisions 60000 (Kitchen)   151021 (Kitchen)
Useful Armament * 65000 (Armoury) 120000 (Armoury) 165445 (Armoury) 10000 (Armoury)
Gold 100000 (Exchequer)   5000000 (Exchequer)
Databank 100000 (Control Room)   109100 (Control Room)
Energy Crystal 100000 (Power Room) 100000 (Power Room) 22450 (Power Room) 450 (Power Room)
Winchester * 100000 (Laboratory) 250000 (Laboratory) 274130 (Laboratory) 274800 (Laboratory)
Neutron Fuel 200000 (Engine Room) 250000 (Fuel Stores) 909000 (Engine Room) 23200 (Fuel Stores)
Mechanoid 250000 (Interview Room)   45000 (Interview Room)
--- Vehicles: Loc: (Escape /Second) Ground: Air: Max Height:
Car 12-13 / Orbital Complex 419 - 0
Jet Car 09-05 / 03-04 1921 - 0
Hexapod 03-00 / 14-15 208 832 13000
Dominion Dart 08-08 / 13-08 624 2498 23000
Dominion Dart (with Power Amplifier) 08-08 / 13/08 1249 4996 104000
Concorde **-** / **-08 935 3742 87000
Cheese 11-13 / 08-01 (table) 1249 4996


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