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1.0) What is Mappy?

2.0) Game List - Known/Rumored Mappy Games

3.0) Mappy Arcade Info

4.0) Mappy Playing Strategies

5.0) High Scores






1.0) What is Mappy?


Mappy is a unique cat and mouse adventure game featuring Mappy the

micro-policeman, with cartoon graphics the fit the story line very well. 

Mappy's job is to collect the loot that Goro and his gang of Meowky have

stashed in a series of strange houses.  The cats chase Mappy around the

house, trying to catch him before he can collect all ten items.  Mappy has

several possible methods of collecting the goods, which makes this game

MUCH more than just another Pac-Man rip-off.


Mappy was released and produced by NAMCO, creators of MANY arcade classics 

including such hits as Pac-Man, Galaga and Xevious.  Bally-Midway licensed

Mappy from Namco for U.S. release back in 1983.  There have been a couple of

sequels, but none have seemed the capture the pure joy that is encountered

from playing the original!  It is still enjoyed by many has a solid footing

of being an 'Arcade Classic', much in the same vein as Crazy Climber.





2.0) Game List - Known/Rumored Mappy Games


Title           Released        Platform       


Mappy           1983            Arcade  Both Standup and Cocktail versions

                              were produced.  Standup is perhaps

                              best known for its oversized marquee!

Mappy           1983/1984       Nintendo Family Computer (Japanese) by NAMCOT

                              It is not known if this has been

                              released in the U.S. as a single cart. 

                              It is available in Famicom Multi-carts

                              and can be played on a U.S. NES with

                              an adapter.

Mappy           1983/1984       MSX Computer (Europe/Japan) by NAMCOT

                              This computer was all but unseen in

                              the U.S but versions of many classic

                              arcade games were made for it.

Hopping Mappy   1985            Arcade  Unknown if this was released in the

(Mappy 2?)                              U.S.   Little is know about this game.

                              Can anyone help out???

MappyLand       1987            Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) by TAXAN

                              Variation on the original theme.  You

                              must recover presents stolen by the

                              "Guchi Gang" intended for Mappy's

                              girlfriend, Mapico.

Mappy           1991            Japanese Game Gear

                              Doubtful if this was released in the

                              United States. 

Mappy           1996            PSX (Japanese) / Sony Playstation (U.S.)

                              Namco Museum Volume #2.  Also contains

                              flawless translations of Xevious,

                              Gaplus, Super Pac-Man, Grobda, Dragon

                              Buster.  The very best version BY FAR! 

Mappy           1997            PC - Windows 95 - Japanese                                     

                              A translation of the original, now on

                              your PC.  Part of a CD titled:

                              "Namco History #1".  Xevious, Toy Pop

                              and others are also included.

                              An American release is not planned :(

Mappy           1997            Macintosh and PC Computers (Soon Amiga) via

                              MAME EMULATOR.  Now... an authentic

                              EMULATION of the game is available! 

                              Check out for screen shots at: 


                              and for more details!





3.0) Mappy Arcade Info


This information is for the ARCADE varion of MAPPY.  I have collected this

information from various sites on the 'net and my hope is that this can be

used to possibly help in making a 100% emulation of this game for the PC! 


I have access also to scanned schematics to the game and will send it to

those who are about to undertake an emulation.



        Galaga pinouts.  This also works on Midway's Mappy game




                  PARTS SIDE  |  SOLDER SIDE


                  LOGIC GND | A | 1 | LOGIC GND


                     SPKR | B | 2 | SPKR (Not sure of polarity)


                      --- | C | 3 | COIN METER


                      --- | D | 4 | ---


                        | E | 5 |


                      +5v | F | 6 | +5v


                  LOGIC GND | H | 7 | LOGIC GND


                  CREDIT SW | J | 8 | TEST SWITCH (Tilt connected to this)


 (2nd coin mech also) 1 COIN SW | K | 9 |


                   1P START | L | 10| 2P START


  (To rapid fire brd #7)   FIRE | M | 11|


                  MOVE LEFT | N | 12|


                        | P | 13|


                 MOVE RIGHT | R | 14|


                        | S | 15|


                      --- | T | 16| ---


                      --- | U | 17| ---


                      --- | V | 18| ---


                      --- | W | 19| ---


                        | X | 20|


                        | Y | 21|


                  LOGIC GND | Z | 22| LOGIC GND



On the CPU board there is an additional 3-part connector.  This is power.

It's wired as follows:


          1 - +12v

          2 - GND

          3 - +5v


On the Video board, there is an additional 6-part connector.  This is

the video connector.  It's wired as follows:


          1 - RED

          2 - BLU

          3 - GRN

          4 - SYNC

          5 - VIDEO GND

          6 - (Not used)


Galaga also has the option of a Rapid Fire board.  This is a small board

that allows the fire button to be held down and your ship to continuously

fire shots at the enemy.  Holding this board with the circuits facing you

and the connectors on the bottom, the pins are numbered 1-9 (with #3 missing).

The top set of connectors (J-1) is used for rapid fire, the bottom set (J-2)

is used for single fire.  It's wired as follows:


          1 - (Not used)

          2 - (Not used)

          3 - (Not present)

          4 - (Not used)

          5 - FIRE BUTTON (GND)

          6 - LOGIC GND

          7 - FIRE (From Galaga CPU board)

          8 - FIRE BUTTON

          9 - +5v






dip switch A (5B)


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Difficulty level

A  (default, easiest)            OFF  OFF

B                                ON   OFF

C                                OFF  ON

D  (hardest)                     ON   ON


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8


provide sound during attract (default)                    OFF

do not make sound during attract                          ON


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Round change

Normal operation (default)                                     OFF

Rack advance (see below)                                       ON


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Freeze video

Normal (default)                                                    OFF

Freeze                                                              ON




Switches 3 through 5 inclusive must always be OFF.


The Round Change setting allows you to advance through rounds, not picking

up points, while it is set to rack advance.  To resume playing, turn it off

and it will continue from the beginning of the next rack.


The defaults mentioned are the factory recommended settings.



dip switch B (5E)


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Coins per credit - coin switch number 1

1 coin,  1 credit (default)      OFF  OFF  OFF

1 coin,  2 credits               ON   OFF  OFF

1 coin,  3 credits               OFF  ON   OFF

1 coin,  6 credits               ON   ON   OFF

2 coins, 1 credit                OFF  OFF  ON

2 coins, 3 credits               ON   OFF  ON

3 coins, 1 credit                OFF  ON   ON

3 coins, 2 credits               ON   ON   ON


                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Bonus mice

1, 2, 3 mouse    5 mouse

start            start


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 30000

2nd Mappy 70000  2nd Mappy 80000                OFF  OFF  OFF


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 30000

2nd Mappy 60000  2nd Mappy 100000               ON   OFF  OFF


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 30000

2nd Mappy 80000  2nd Mappy 120000               OFF  ON   OFF


1st Mappy 30000  1st Mappy 30000

2nd Mappy 100000 2nd Mappy never                ON   ON   OFF


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 40000

2nd Mappy never  2nd Mappy never                OFF  OFF  ON


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 30000

and every 70000  and every 100000               ON   OFF  ON


1st Mappy 20000  1st Mappy 40000

and every 80000  and every 120000               OFF  ON   ON


1st Mappy never  1st Mappy never                ON   ON   ON



                         SW#1 SW#2 SW#3 SW#4 SW#5 SW#6 SW#7 SW#8

Starting mouse count

3 (default)                                                    OFF  OFF

5                                                              ON   OFF

1                                                              OFF  ON

2                                                              ON   ON




The defaults mentioned are the factory recommended settings.





4.0) Mappy Playing Strategies


Mappy is a pattern game, but patterns aren't too easy to use.  In each round,

at the beginning, the cats can go either right or left.  Instead of trying to

remember numerous possible patterns, the best way to succeed is to use a

pattern for the very first part of a given round, then improvise using more

of a "system" than a pattern.







1.) Get greedy, especially in the first 6 rounds!


Get the less valuable items first and pick them up in pairs.  Your first

pair is valued at 2X.  The best order is Radio (100 points), Television

(200 points), Computer (300 points), Mona Lisa (Painting) (400 points) and

Safe (500 points).  If you collect all the items in order up to the Safe, the

final Safe will be 500 X 6 = 3,000 points!  A perfect score for items each

round would be:

100+100X2+200+200X3+300+300X4+400+400X5+500+500X6 = 8,500 points!  Wow!




2.) Always try to get the Boss cat in the microwaves!


Simply put, it will more than double your score.


The following table shows the number of cats caught in a microwave and the

score derived from it:


Cats    Score


1       200

2       400

3       800

4       1200

5       1600

6       2000

7       3000

8       4000

9       5000

10      6000


(Example:  Get 6 cats, you get (200+200+400+400+400+400)= 2000 points.

If also catch the Boss cat with the 'wave, you will net 2000+1000 Times 2!

=3000 X 2 = 6000 points.  Not a bad chunk of points... 


NOTE:  6000 X 2 = 12,000 is the maximum you can get with a single microwave

door, as there are never more than 10 cats on the Round at one time.  You can

only get this if you reach Round 16! (on the standard game).  If the

difficulty is juiced up, you can get that many cats as early as Round 8!




3.) Lose those cats! 


If you are bouncing up off a trampoline and a cat is right under you, most

of the time, you can land on a level and the cat will not get time to react

and will land on the level above yours.   This is a very important technique

to learn to help you lose a cat and be able to cross a level untouched.

Be careful about cats that are bouncing and are RIGHT ON YOU... try to mix it

up.  Personal observation suggests they like to jump more often to the left

off the trampoline.  They also like to bail out more often on levels connected

to the trampolines.




4.) Keep a count on those cats!  


If you KNOW there are only 4 cats on the Round and they are all on your

screen, that allows you to reach the other side of the screen with confidence.

This also allows for proper microwave door management :)




5.) Use all doors to your advantage! 


Doors are VERY powerful weapons.  It can be used to both whack down a cat,

it can also be used to 'propel' you along.  Closing an open door, if closing

your way, will 'throw' you.  If a cat is also near the door in front of you,

it will be knocked down!  Also, if you have a door near a treasure and the

Boss cat is behind it, you can get the 1000 points for tagging him and not

have to pick up the treasure until you want to. (i.e. when flashing) :)




6.) Save the Microwave doors until ABSOLUTELY needed or HURRY bell rings!


******     This is what separates a good score from a GREAT score.     ******

When HURRY comes, 2 cats are added to the fray.  Just work from one microwave

to the next, waiting for the cats to bunch up and ready themselves for your

onslaught!  The cats are much faster when HURRY shows which makes collecting 

treasures in pairs a bit harder.  The SUPERCAT (looks like a coin) will

visit after HURRY has been going on for a bit.  You cannot kill it. 

If memory serves, you can stun it with a trap door, but it is of little

help in the long run.  It will kill you, even on the trampolines. 

If you hear his bell ringing, dart for your last treasures and hope-n-pray!




7.) Uses the house edges!


You can bunch a lot of cats together if used properly.  This is also good for

getting a lot of points when dropping Bells in Rounds 8-10.  Just make sure

you jump off the trampoline before it breaks!







Round 1-2:


- These rounds are simple.  A seasoned Mappy player should be able to

consistently score over 20,000 points before the end of the 2nd round.

- Rounds 1+2 start with 3 cats + the Boss cat. 

- You should be able to get most items in pairs on these rounds, possibly

ending with a 6X.

- Get all of your treasures except the last one (or pair) before the HURRY

comes.  This allows you to spend time getting points. (please refer to GREED

in the general playing tips) :)



Round 4-6:


- A bit more difficult.  A score of 60,000 points after round 6 is not


- Try your best to get the pairs of treasures.  Remember: They don't HAVE to

be in ORDER (100-500) to gain 6X, just in pairs.

- 4 cats + Boss cat are on these rounds.

- You should get a LOT of points off microwaves (at least 5-10k per round).

- Remember, you can walk up in the attic.  Use this to your benefit.

- The Supercat comes out deceptively early on these rounds.  Be cautious!

It will begin moving IMMEDIATELY after it's alarm rings, where on other

screens, it lands on a level and gets stunned before it starts.



Round 8-10:


- 5 cats + Boss cat are located here.

- Getting treasure in pairs is not recommended unless you are VERY GOOD :)

- Use bells to bunch together cats for a nearby microwave for BIG POINTS.

- Pick up treasures as quickly as possible, due to HURRY time coming quicker.

- Scores of 100,000 after Round 10 is about normal.



Round 11-14:


- 6 cats + Boss cat at start of rounds.

- HURRY occurs VERY QUICKLY, as does the coin.  There is little to no time

to spend on getting pairs unless you are very brave (or greedy) :)

- ON these rounds are 'TRAP DOORS'.  They are flashing sections of level when

you walk over them, it disappears and all the cats that follow will fall to

the level below and be stunned like they were hit with a door.  They have been

known to stun Supercat (Coin).  Also, use trap doors to 'bunch' cats together

for maximum microwave points.

- The Safes on these rounds are located on a dead-end.  You must have a clear

shot at the Safe before even attempting.  The best times to get these are

right after a microwave or using a TRAP DOOR.  Leaving one for last also


- Not much time for scoring (unless you are lucky).  Shoot for 150,000 before

end of Round 14.



Round 16:


- 7 cats + Boss cat at start of round

- A lot like level one, with modifications to the location of the doors.

- VERY FAST cats, even before the HURRY rings (which is usually within 10-20


- Basically, do whatever you can to survive, using any/all techniques shown




Round 17+:


- Same as Round 16 except this level starts your sequence of boards again.

(Level 17 = Level 1, 18=2... etc)


- ABSOLUTELY NO GREED is suggested nor endorsed up here... you'll get enough

points just running away :)







Round 3:


Bust the balloons and work your way to the left ASAP.  You must get all the

the red balloons yourself.


Round 7:


Again, quickly bust the balloons.  Breaking some trampolines will be needed

to complete.


Round 11:


Bust all of the balloons except the one on the very top left of the screen

above the Big Cat balloon.  When you get the Big Cat, he will travel up and

bust the last balloon for you.


Round 15:


Bust all of the balloons except the one on the very top, right of the Big Cat.

When you get the Big Cat, he will travel the to the right, jump on the

trampoline, and get the last balloon for you.





5.0) High Scores


The following are MY Personal High Scores for Mappy.

All High Scores are for the Standard (default) difficulty settings.


Mappy (Arcade) - 357,370 (Round 26)

* Achieved on June 23rd, 1997 at FUN SPOT - Merideth, NH           


Mappy (Playstation) - 336,180 (Round 21)

* Achieved on July 16th, 1997 at my home - Milton, Vermont


Mappy (MAME-PC) - 240,840 (Round 17)

* Achieved on July 20th, 1997 at my home - Milton, Vermont


Mappy (NES/Famicom) - 303,920 (Round 28)


MappyLand (NES) - 310,240 (Round 3-3)



I would like information as to the NATIONAL HIGH SCORE on the game (a

big thing back in 83-84 in magazines like Joystik, Electronic Games).


I'm pretty sure the National High Score for this game is about 600,000

but if you can find something in print, anything will be appreciated.


If you have some information or would like to start a 'TOP 5' of sorts,

please send in your scores.  I will depend on the honor system for this,

unless your score outrageously high, a screen scan or photo might be

needed :)





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