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Guide to german classic cart variations


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1. Atari 2600

1.1 Bit Corporation

1.2 CBS

1.3 Dynamics

1.4 HES

1.5 ITT Family Games

1.6 Goliath/Hot Shot

1.7 Quelle

1.8 StarSoft

1.9 Parker

1.10 Activision/Imagic

1.11 Other


2. Atari 7800


3. Colecovision


4. Philips G7000/G7400  


5. Saba Videoplay


6. Microvision



As a lot of american classic collectors try to collect every available cart for their system, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list which contains carts that were only made or available in Germany (or Europe), giving information about the meaning of the titles and about the game itself.


There are also producers mentioned, who released their games with german titles or in a different case. The game lists are not complete!! They show carts which I own or which I've heard from in any way. If you have something  to add, tell me!


I try to include also other systems besides the VCS; if you like the FAQ or if you want to include or correct some information or if you want to tell me that my english is bad, just write (also ask for my recent trading list).







1. Atari 2600




A lot of german VCS carts are games which have been copied one to one from an original game, probably leaving out the company name and copyright, maybe with some changes in colours (copies), others have reduced gameplay or major graphic changes, but are obviously more than only inspired from an original game (clones).


German and European carts are in PAL format, which means that you may have problems to run them properly on a NTSC television. Most collectors avoid that problem by using a TV unit with the ability to adjust the horizontal screen setup (right??). There's no big problem to run NTSC carts on PAL TVs, some colours may change.




1.1 Bit Corporation



There are 9 Bit Corp. games as far as I know. Pal versions can be found with german or english title. The labels are one-piece labels, which are wrapped around the edge. English versions do have the BIT trademark on the end, a copyright notice, the serial number, a drawn picture, the title and the text "Video game cartridge - Use with joystick controller" on the front

label. German labels do only have the picture and the title on the label.


The cart has Activision shape, but on the back there are two slits in size of the small rods (I don't know a better word), which are needed to fit the cart in the slot. The labels have a glossy black background.The manual is little but nice, a folded sheet of printed paper, on the outer sides are coloured screenshots.


German Name             English Name            Model No.


See-Monster                   Sea Monster       PG201

Weltraum-Tunnel               Space Tunnel            PG202

Phantom Panzer                Phantom Tank            PG203

Sesam, oeffne dich                  Open, Sesame!           PG204

Tanzende Teller               Dancing Plates          PG205

Bobby geht nach Hause         Bobby is going home     PG206

Bobby geht heim (title variation, same meaning)

Mission 3000                        Mission 3000 AD         PG207

Schnecke und Eichhoernchen    Snail against Squirrel  PG208

Mr. Postman                   Mr. Postman       PG209



1.2 CBS



VCS games by Coleco were brought to Europe by CBS Electronics (as the Colecovision system and games). Most European CBS carts are black. I only have one  cart, which is grey coloured like the american ones, but all the labels look quite like the CBS labels for the Colecovision games - coloured title and a lot of writing in a white box (often with 'for use on pal t.v. system only'). One of my Donkey Kong's is a Activision shaped cart with the two slits.

The manuals look like the ones for the Colecovision.



These carts exist for sure:



Name                    Model No.


Donkey Kong             4L1700

Carnival                4L1717

Wizard of Wor           4L1721

Roc'n Rope              4L1751

Gorf                    4L1752

Smurf                   4L1768

Venture                       4L1803

Mouse Trap              4L1820

Solar Fox               4L1845

Zaxxon                        4L2277

Blue Print              4L4171

Mr. Do                        4L4478




1.3 Dynamics



There is little I know about Dynamics games. There are Dynamics games which are the same as Bomb games, they just have a different name. I only found one cart by Dynamics until now, Laser Loop, which has a label with the Dynamics copyright on it, but the case is a Bomb one (even the Bomb logo is imprinted in the plastic on the back). The following games should exist:


Name              Same as Bomb game


Laser-Loop        Z-Tack

Orbit-Base        Assault

Break-Down        -

Jumping Jack            -




1.4 HES (Home Entertainment Suppliers)




The Australian company HES manufactured a lot of games from Activision, Absolute, CBS, Epyx (any more?) for the European after-crash market. Usually the carts have the Activision shape, but the labels look a bit different (colours, pictures) to the originals. On the label there's always the original company name, but on the back of the plastic boxes, which look like video-film boxes there's always the HES company name and  adress. You have to remove and turn over the slick for the english game instructions. The german instructions are on a cheap paper sheet in the box. 


They also released 2in1 carts (in 1992!) in paper boxes. You can choose a game through a joystick-driven menu after turning on the system. The carts have the same colour as the boxes, the labels say "2 PAK SPECIAL * name * name Use Joystick Controllers"; they are Activision-shaped.



The games below are only the ones I have, there should be lots of others


(for more information on HES games look in JerryG's catalog).


Name              Copyrighted by


Donkey Kong       CBS

Go for Gold Pack  Epyx        (big plastic box with 2 carts - Summer/Winter Games, golden label)

Tennis                  Activision

H.E.R.O.          Activision

Kung-Fu Master    Activision

Rampage           Activision

Ghostbusters            Activision

Skate Boardin'    Activision

F-14 Tomcat ?     Absolute




Alien Force/Hoppy

Boom Bang/Motocross

Cavern Blaster/City War


Planet Patrol/Wall Defender

Space Voyage/Fire Alert



1.5 ITT Family Games



The first advertisments for ITT Family Games I found are in the german video game mag "Telematch", 10/11 1983. ITT released 3 games in their "Perry Rhodan-series", "Cosmic Town", "Laser Base" and "Fire Birds". They all came in plastic boxes, shaped and sized like video-film boxes.


Also in that issue is an advertisment for a double game pack, including "Alien's Return" and "Meteor Defense" (those two seem to be the only games to be sold in usual paper boxes).

In issue 12/83 there are ads for "Peter Penguin" and "Pumuckl I", two games  of their "Pumuckl series". Pumuckl - a red-haired gnome - is a popular german children's book character ("Wilma Wanderer" is the 3. in the Pumuckl-series). Two games shown on another side are "Mountain Man" and "Hell Driver".


Some ITT games are for sure copies of other games, some may be original. The carts are shaped like Atari-carts, with front and end label. The label background shows space (different shades of blue with white stars), there is always a drawn picture of the game on the front, the name is printed in yellow-orange colour. There is always a model number on the label.


I have one cart, where the ITT label has been pasted over an original Homevision label.







Name                    Original game     Producer          Changes                


Alien's Return                                                   

Base Attack                               Homevision?            


Cosmic Town                                                      

Fire Birds                                Sancho                             

Hell Driver

Laser Base                                           

Meteor Defense          Astrowar          Goliath           copy       

Mountain Man

Peter Penguin           Pengo??           Atari                  

Pumuckl I

Wilma Wanderer




1.6 Goliath/Hot Shot




Goliath has been a label for discount games, nearly all of them with the game value as low as the price. Some or all seem to be copies or clones of other  games.


Name              Original game           Producer                     


Astrowar          (Asteroids clone)

Condor Attack     (Phoenix clone)

Open Sesame Open Sesame?            Bit

Phantom Tank      Phantom Tank?           Bit

Space Tunnel            (Vanguard clone)

Sea Monster

Space Robot       (Missile Command clone)

Spider Kong



After these games Goliath released more discount games under the label 'Hot Shot'. My old videogame mag says they released 24 games. One of the carts is a six-in-one cart with the games Mafia, Felix Return, Squirrel & Snail, Astro Attack, Tom Boy and Ground Zero.


Some (or all) of this carts should be very rare, some didn't possibly ever hit the market, because Goliath was sued by the german retailer for Activision games, Ariola, for copying games. One example I read about is Ground Zero, a copy of Bermuda (Suntek), which is a clone of River Raid (and which I have in my collection :-)).


There is no company name on my Ground Zero cart, but there is a writing 'For use with Goliath video game system' on the Time Race label. Both carts have the SS initials on the back.








Name              Original game     Producer          Changes    


Black Hole        Nexar       Spectravision     clone

Ground Zero       Bermuda           Suntek           



Missile War

Pac Kong

Sea Master

Sky Scraper       Laser Base                    copy

Space Robot

Space Eagle

Time Race         Space Jockey      US Games    clone




1.7 Quelle




Quelle (source) is one of the biggest mail-order department stores of the world. They also sell and sold popular video games. In the beginning 80s they sold the VCS and Atari-made games. I don't know at what time they began to produce their own games, but it seems they started after the video game crash. The Quelle games were mid- to low-priced.


The name 'Quelle' doesn't appear neither on the box nor on the game, but you mostly find a Quelle tag on a box and always two security strips which have to be cut through, if you want to take out the game. The text on them says, that you can't exchange them, if you opened the box.


The box contains the cart, a small single sheet, folded, coloured manual with the name Quelle and the order number on the back, and a green quality information sheet. The cart has a Star Soft case with the S.S. initials on the back. Front and end label are in the same colour, on the front label there's a drawn picture with the name of the game above, which is also on the end label.   A lot of different games from Quelle exist, maybe around 60. I'm working on the changes list.



Name                                Original game           Producer          Changes    


Alices Abenteuer                    Lilly Adventure         Homevision 

("Alice's adventure")

 Angriff der Luftflotten                  M.A.D.                  US Games

 ("Attack of air fleets")    

 Aufruhr im Zoo                           Pumuckl I   ITT        

 ("Uproar in the zoo")

 Baumeister                         Master Builder          Spectravision    

 ("Master builder)

 Bermuda                            Bermuda                 Suntek


 Billard                                  Trick Shot  Imagic            -


 Bobby geht nach Hause              Bobby goes home   Bit Corp.  

 ("Bobby goes home")                        


 Der flinke Architekt        

 ("The nimble architect)           

 Der Geheimkurier                   Mr. Postman       Bit Corp.

 ("The secret courier")   

 Der hungrige Panda                       Panda Chase             Homevision

 ("The hungry panda")        

Der kleine Baer                     Frostbite               Activision        copy

 ("The little bear")                     

 Der moderne Ritter                       Fast Eddie  20th C.F.

 ("The modern knight")

 Der Vielfrass                                  Fast Food               Telesys    

 ("The glutton")

 Die Ente und der Wolf              Pooyan                  Konami

 ("The duck and the wolf")

 Die hungrigen Froesche             Frogs & Flies           Matell            -    

 ("The hungry frogs") 

 Die Ratte und die Karotte          Gopher                  US Games          -

 ("The rat and the carots")

 Die Springteufel

 ("The jacks-in-the-box")

 Die Unterwasser-Bestien      Mariana                             Rainbow Vision

 ("The undersea-beasts")

 Dschungel Boy                      Pitfall                 Activision        clone

 ("Jungle boy")        

 Eddy Langfinger-Museumsdieb  Criminal Pursuit

 ("E. Longfinger - museum-thief")      

 Eishockey-Fieber                   Ice-Hockey        Activision        -

 ("Icehockey fever)

 Feuerwehr im Einsatz               Fire Fighter            Imagic            -

 ("Fire fighters inset")

 Fuchs & Schweinchen Schlau         Oink                    Activision 

 ("Fox & smart pig")

 Gefaehrliche Maeusejagd

 ("Dangerous mouse hunt")   

 Gefecht im All        

 ("Space engagement") 

 Hili Ball                                Raquetball              Apollo     

 ("Hili ball")      

 Im Reich der Spinne                Amidar                  Parker            copy

 ("In spider's empire")      

 Im Schutz der Drachen

 ("In dragon's protection")

 Invasion aus der Galaxis           World End               Homevision             

 ("Invasion from space")

 Invasion der UFOs     

 ("Invasion of the UFO's")  

 Jagd auf Diamanten-Frisco          Penguin Peter           ITT        

 ("Hunt on diamond-frisco")

 Jagd im Apfelbaum

 ("Hunt in the apple tree")

 Kampf dem Steinfresser             Boom Bang         Rainbow Vision

 ("Fight the stone-eater")

 Kampf im Asteroidenguertel         Astrowar                Homevision

 ("Asteroid fight")

 Kampf um die Schatzinsel                                   Homevision

("Fight for the treasure island")


 ("Catastrophe inset")

 Labyrinth                          Maze Craze        Atari            


 Landung in der Normandie           Commando Raid           US Games

 ("Landing in the normandy")

 Landungskommando             Strategy X              Konami

 ("Landing commando")

 Marineflieger                            Marine Wars?

 ("Marine pilot")   


 ("Mars Patrol")

 Mein Weg                           My Way                  Funvision

 ("My way")

 Mission 3000                             Mission 3000 AD         Bit Corp.

 ("Mission 3000")

 Motocross                          Street Racer            Atari             -


 Pac-Kong                          Pac-Kong                Rainbow Vision

 ("Pac Kong")

 Phantom Panzer                     Phantom Tank            Bit Corp.                 

 ("Phantom tank")

 Phantom Panzer II                        Thunderground           Sega

 ("Phantom tank II")      


 ("Pirate ship")

 Raumbasen Attacke

 ("Spacebase attack")

 Robin Hood                         Save our ship           Technovision     

 ("Robin Hood")     

 Schiessbude                              Carnival                Coleco???

 ("Shooting gallery")  

 Schnapp die Apfeldiebe

 ("Catch the apple thiefs")

 Spiderman                          Spiderman   Parker                        copy


 Stopp die Gangster

 ("Stop the gangsters")   

 Strahlen der Teufelsvoegel         Atlantis                Imagic            clone

 ("Rays of the hellbirds")               

 Super-Cowboy beim Rodeo            Stampede                Activision

 ("Super cowboy at the rodeo")

 Super-Ferrari                            Enduro                  Activision        -

 ("Super Ferrari")

 Tanzende Teller                    Dancing plates          Bit Corp.

 ("Dancing plates")

 Top Gun                            Air Raiders Mattel

 ("Top Gun")

 Ufi und sein gefaehrlicher Einsatz                         Homevision

 ("Ufi and his dangerous mission")

 Ufo Patrol                         Time Race

 ("Ufo patrol")

 Ungeheuer der Tiefe               Bi!Bi!                  Rainbow Vision

 ("Monster from the deep")

Vogel flieh                         Tuby Bird               Rainbow Vision

 ("Bird, flee!")

 Vom Himmel durch die Hoelle        Skydiver                Atari                  

 ("From heaven through hell")

 Wachroboter jagt Jupy              Keystone Kapers   Activision

 ("Watch-robot hunts Jupy")  

 Weltraumtunnel                     Laser Gates       Imagic                  -    

 ("Space Tunnel")


 ("Winter Hunt")

 Wolf und Schwein                   Pooyan                  Konami

 ("Wolf and pig")

 Wuestenschlacht                    Chopper Command   Activision 

 ("Dessert battle")    




1.8 StarSoft




These carts were also sold by Quelle, but they have a different look. They often have the initials S.S. on the back and came in 2 different sizes. There are small carts, 1.5 cm smaller than normal carts, and there are normal sized carts. The front and end labels are always black, the title letters are white and rather simple. There's always a drawn picture on the front.


The carts were sold in 'Double-game packages'; on each side of the box is a different name and picture; the manual is just a single sheet of cheap paper for every game with german instructions on one and dutch on the other side.


These games are also clones/copies of other games.


Name                          Original game     Producer   Changes    


Air Patrol          

Astro War           

Base Attack                   Base Attack Homevision 

Black Hole                    Cosmic Ark  Imagic     

Boom Bang                     Crackpots         Activision 

Der Geheimkurier

Flippern                            Video Pinball     Atari                  

Kampf in der Galaxie          Space Rad              

King Arthur                  

Lilly Adventure               Lilly Adventure   Homevision         

Motorcross                    Enduro            Activision 

Mr. T                        

See Saw                      

Space Raid                         

Super Cowboy beim Rodeo Stampede          Activision

World End                                      






1.9 Parker



G.I. Joe is/was a real American hero (as I remember from the speech of the C64 game :-)) and didn't ever make it to the german toy or comics market. But we had those boy's action dolls like Action Man, so Parker changed the name of the game "G.I. Joe" into "Action Force".



1.10 Activision/Imagic



It seems that the American blue label variation for Activision and Imagic games is a white label variation in Germany. Most of the carts have typical Activision cases, but some are made of some kind of soft plastic with a different shape than normally. The labels are always white with black writing in english. There are always model numbers on the labels.


I have the following white label variations:


Name              by


Atlantis                Imagic

Moon Sweeper           

Quick Step       

Riddle of the sphinx   

Wing War         

Chopper Command   Activision


Keystone Kapers

Kung-Fu Master

River Raid       

Spider Fighter



There are also some black labeled Activision carts, sometimes with something that looks like a barcode on the label. I don't know, if these are normal variations or really PAL ones (tell me!).



Fighter Pilot

Kung-Fu Master


River Raid II

Skate Boardin'




1.11 Other



There exist other games having a SS case. The labels are black with drawn pictures on the front. There's a writing 'VIDEO GAME' on the top and the name of the game below (with a trademark sign on the end). In the lower right corner there's a model number for each game. The games should be clones of other games, I have to check that.



 Name             Translation             Model No.



Raumroboter       Space Robot       SP-203

Weltuntergang     End of the world        SP-205

Das Raumschiff    The Spaceship           SP-211     

Ski-Jagd          Ski Hunt                SP-215        



The following carts are from an unknown manufacturer. The case is the same like the Bit ones. The labels have different colours, the writing is complete German and there's a screenshot on the label. Also the model number is printed on the label and a german text saying 'please turn off system before inserting another cart'. The games are clones of other known

and popular games. 



 Name             Original game           Producer


Angeln I          Fishing Derby           Activision

Autorennen        Grand Prix        Activision


Gangster          Outlaw                 Atari      

Krieg der Sterne 

Raketenangriff    Missile Control         Video Gems     




2. Atari 7800



Most of the 7800 PAL carts don't work with NTSC systems and vice versa. But that's not a real problem, because there aren't too much games which are only available in Europe; in fact there are no games only released in Europe, just a few carts which have been produced by HES and designed by Activision and Absolute (any more?). The HES games come with the usual plastic box.





Double Dragon

Kung-Fu Master

Super Skateboardin'

Title Match Pro Wrestling







3. Colecovision



Coleco games for the European market were produced by CBS Electronics in England. The carts have the same size as the US ones, but the upper end has a different shape. There is a finger-thick indentation on each side, probably to get the cart better out of the system slot. The labels are black; on the upper half there's the CBS/Colecovision character and the name of the game. Below is a white box with a lot of writing, copyright and production information, the model number (4Lxxxx), and often the sentence "for use on pal-tv-system only". Sometimes the labels are multilingual.


Other Coleco carts, which seem to exist only in Europe (?) are the Xonox Double-Enders. I found only one version of these until now, that's Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot. The boxes and manuals are the same as for the VCS.


There's no problem to run PAL carts on NTSC systems and vice versa.


List may not be complete!




 Name             Model No.


Pepper II         4L1878     

Gorf              4L1905     

Donkey Kong       4L1922     

Smurf             4L1939     

Space Panic       4L1952     

Zaxxon                  4L1956     

Venture                 4L1973     

Donkey Kong Junior4L1980     

Mouse Trap        4L1990     

Space Fury        4L1998     

Carnival          4L2007     

Cosmic Avenger    4L2024     

Lady Bug          4L2039     

Turbo             4L2057     

Mr. Do!                 4L2073     

Victory                 4L4065     

Slither                 4L4255     

Omega Race        4L4305     

Frenzy                  4L4311     

Buck Rogers       4L4448     

Burger Time       4L4454     

Destructor        4L4460     

Cab. Patch Kids-Adv.    ?    






4. Philips G7000/G7400




Known in the US as Odyssey^2, this system has been released in Germany by Philips as G7000. The carts have the same shape as the american  Odyssey^2 carts, the labels are plain black, either with the words 'Videopac' 'Philips' and the cart number or with symbols for choosing the different games and the name of the game in different languages (up to 10). The boxes are hard plastic, the manuals are rather thick booklets, which also work as covers (like in CDs). Some boxes are paper boxes. The carts should work on NTSC systems.  The following Videopacs are known to exist (the bigger part of them were also released in the US):



Name                    Videopac No.


Newscaster              A

Race/Spin-out/Cryptogram      1

Pairs/Space Rendezvous/Logic  2

American Football       3

Air-Sea War/Battle            4

Blackjack               5

Tenpin Bowling/Basketball     6

Mathematician/Echo            7

Baseball                8

Computer Programmer           9

Golf                    10

Cosmic Conflict         11

Take the money                12

Playschool Maths        13

Gunfighter              14

Samurai                 15

Marksman/Depth Charge         16

Chinese Logic                 17

Laser War               18

Catch the ball                19

Stone Sling             20

Secret of the Pharaos         21

Space Monster                 22

Las Vegas Gambling            23

Flipper game                  24

Skiing                  25

Basket Game             26

Electronic table football     27

Electronic Volleyball         28

Dam Buster              29

Battlefield             30

Musician                31    comes with large manual and nice keyboard overlay

Labyrinth/Supermind           32

Jumping Acrobats        33

Satellite Attack        34

Electronic Billiards          35

Electronic Soccer/Ice Hockey  36

Monkeyshines                  37

Munchkin                38

Freedom Fighters        39

4 in 1 row              40

Search for the rings          41    big box with lots of extra stuff

Conquest of the world         42    big box with lots of extra stuff

Pickaxe Pete                  43

Crazy Chase             44

Morse                         45

Wall Street Fortune Hunt      46    big box with lots of extra stuff

Mousing Cat             47

Backgammon              48


Turtle                        49

Super Bee               50



The following Videopacs plus were designed for the Philips G7400, the only in Europe released powered up Odyssey^3 system. You can play them on the G7000/Odyssey^2, too, but you have got background graphics (and more?), if you play them on the G7400.



Terrahawks              51+

Killerbees              52+

Nightmare               53+(?)

Loony Balloon           54+

Neutron Star                  55+(?)

Blobbers                56+(?)

Norseman                57+(?)

?                             58+(?)

Helicopter              59+(?)

Trans America Ralley    60+(?)



I don't know, if there are any more Videopacs +.



There is another nice item for the G7000; it's a chess cart with additional  hardware, which looks rather strange (like a little electric heater). The serial number is C7010. Another great collector's item, which seemed never to be released is the Philips G7200. It's a G7000 system with integrated b/w monitor! I have a picture in a catalog, but never saw this cute thing.


Parker seemed to release some of their games also only in Europe. I just own one of them, Super Cobra, but I know the existence of the following:








Super Cobra




5. Saba Videoplay




The Fairchild Channel F system has been released in Germany as Saba Video- play. I own 20 different carts and don't know, if there is anything above no. 20. The carts are big and dark yellow. The paper box is just as big as  the cart, leaving little place for the cheap manual.







Name                    No.   US no.



Muehle/Tontaubenschiessen     1     =1   

Wuestenfuchs/Tontaubensch.    2     =2   

Blackjack               3     =3   

Luftkampf               4     =4   

Kampf im Weltraum       5     =5   

Magische Zahlen         6     =8   

Autorennen              7     =9   

Labyrinth               8     =10  

Backgammon              9     =11  

Baseball                10    =12  

Robot-Jagd/Torpedo            11    =13  

Sonar-Peilung                 12    =14  

Memory                        13    =15  

Voelkerball             14    =16? 

Barriere                15    =17  

Rat' mal                16    =18  

Kickball                17    =20??

Bowling                 18    =21  

Odyssee im Weltraum           19    =23??

Schach                        20    =19?  (this is a chess cart)




6. Microvision



MB's Microvision game has been sold in Germany, too. But only the first 7 titles made it to the german market. Blockbuster was included in the main system's box.


German name       No.   Original name


Blockbuster       (1)   Blockbuster

Bowling                 2    Bowling

Shooting Star           3    Star Trek: Phaser Strike

Pinball                 4    Pinball

4 gewinnt         5    Connect four

See-Duell         6    Sea-Duel

Blitz!                  7    Alien Raiders

Super Blockbuster 8    Mindbuster



That's it for now. I hope you had fun reading the first version of this german.faq.



Stephan Freundorfer           German classic videogame collector        Ask for trade list!


(auch deutsche Sammler willkommen, habe die meisten Geraete und viele Module






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