Commodore VIC-20

Omega Race

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On the title screen, hold down C64logo+CONTROL+SHIFT, release them, and hold + release them again (or hit RETURN).  A screen will appear with the message “VIC VERSION BY ANDY FINKEL wik ERIC COTTON 3/82” (picture #1).  {Andy Finkel}

· If you hold down SHIFT+F1 or SHIFT+F3 at the beginning of a game, you’ll get 5 ships (instead of 3 – picture #2).  {Jeff Bruette}

· After every 4th screen, as soon as you clear it, hold down the FUNCTION key (SHIFT-FUNCTION sometimes works, but not always) until after the "droid force eliminated" message appears. When the next screen starts, you'll have 3 ships. This is great if you have less than 3 ships, but if you have more than 3, you'll lose some.  {Jeff Bruette}


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