Vectrex Arcade System

Vectrex system

· HIDDEN FEATURE: A note in the REV C. Exec Rom source code says the REV B. changes by JJH (John Hall) on 12/28/1982 reflect "TITLE PAGES CAN NOW BE ABORTED".  With the Vectrex OFF, if you hold down all 4 buttons on both controllers and then turn the Vectrex ON (which is not an easy task), you should bypass the COLD BOOT sequence and go straight to the cart or the internal Mine Storm game (the effect would be the same as pressing RESET after you turn the unit on).   Someone mentioned that they can by-pass the title page by holding down any button.  Since it’s very difficult for 1 person to do, plus the fact that the cart or Mine Storm can be accessed quickly by pressing RESET, the only reason you would want to skip the opening screen and music might be for non-gaming applications.  One such example is the Spectrum I+ Color Test Coin-Op units (can anyone remember if these booted up to the Vectrex title screen or Color Test title screen?). There were more 3rd party companies using the Vectrex in different apps -anyone remember them?  Another possibly was for testing purposes during manufacturing.  {Brett Walach}

· 3 versions exist. One way to tell what version you have is when you power up the system – the original versions say "GCE ENTERTAINING NEW IDEAS”; the latest (REV C) version doesn’t.  The first Milton Bradley-labeled versions (from Hong-Kong or Taiwan) used the earlier system ROMS, along with the original (bugged) version of Mine Storm; later versions used MB-specific ROMS and Mine Storm II

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