Vectrex Arcade System


· HIDDEN GAME: Vecterpede!  To access: at the main menu, hold 1+3, and press 4 (picture #1).

· HIDDEN ANIMATION: At the copyright screen, hold down 1+2+4.  The Star Trek spaceship Voyager will fly by and destroy the “© GCE 0000” sign (picture #2).

· Infinite lives / Level skip:  Start a game, and jump off the playfield.  Repeat this for all 5 lives, being sure not to score any points.  On your last life, hold down button #4 before jumping off and you’ll get unlimited lives, plus an option to skip levels (picture #3)!

· BUG: If you jump off the top step, you’ll briefly appear at the bottom of the screen, before falling.



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