Vectrex Arcade System


There are several unlockable modes, which you can earn by playing a Y*A*S*I* game and by scoring 1,000 points or more.  The modes are: 

A - Regular Y*A*S*I* game (default)
B - Guided missiles
C - Moving bunkers
D - Guided missiles and moving bunkers
E - Cloaking invaders
F - Guided missiles/cloaking invaders
G - Moving bunkers/cloaking invaders
H - Guided missiles/Moving bunkers/Cloaking invaders 

Several modes can be unlocked during a single game, as long as a multiple of 1,000 points are scored (its believed with the final mode H - you have to score several thousand points to unlock it).  The modes can be selected from the main Y*A*S*I* menu by pressing the #2 button. Erasing the high scores (from the main menu) will erase the modes and you'll have to start all over to unlock them again by playing again.  {Darryl Brundage}

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