Vectrex Arcade System


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Before your man stops flashing when you kill your last man, press and hold 1+3+4. When the "GOT YOU HUMANOID" summary screen appears with your score, the programmer's initials will appear in the lower right corner – “CMK” (for Chris King). This screen will stay for about 90 seconds before going back to the game select screen.  There’s no way to back out of it. {Pete Rittwage and Fred Taft}

· 2 versions exist!  Early production carts had a bug in it (described below), which was fixed in a revised version (called Berzerk II in-house - see picture).

· BUG: Get to a screen with a lot of robots and continuously fire down a long corridor.  If too much “action” is happening at once, the game will glitch out, and the score counter will either become garbled or disappear (in rare cases the screen may even go “blank” for a few seconds).  At this point, exit the maze.  On the next screen, if you check your score you should have received anywhere from 100,000 to 800,000 points, or extra humanoids, or BOTH!  Note- if the trick works, the game will probably be running at a much harder level.


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