Vectrex Arcade System


· Safe areas: There are a few spots on the screen where you can sit relatively safe from the enemy tanks and helicopters and concentrate on shooting down helicopters - eventually rolling the score!  The ones described here only become effective when the game is up to the highest level (3 fast-moving tanks, at around 20k).  Area 1 – Position your jeep as shown (picture #1).  Any tanks to the left or right of the 2 large barriers won’t be able to go around them, and will remain there.  Helicopters will approach from 1 of 4 different angles (note the location of the helicopters in the picture), all of which are easy to defend against.  Be warned that you cannot get tanks trapped in the inside area (if your tank is in the outside area), as the tanks will be able to move around the barrier.  Also, a tank trapped on the right side is vulnerable to helicopters, but the tank on the left is vulnerable to a bug (described below)!  Area 2 – Position your jeep as shown (picture #2).  Helicopters again will appear from only 4 different areas.  Any tanks on the right side of the screen will come down and hang up where the tank is, but they are vulnerable to helicopters approaching from the bottom. {Scott Stilphen}

· Turning the brightness up can give you advanced warning of where the helicopter will appear. If you crank the brightness you will see a dot in the center of the line connected to the helicopter - avoid it and the helicopter wont be able to lock-on to you, therefore disabling its missiles.  {Gregg Woodcock}

· Tanks and helicopters will only speed up with the appearance of a new wave of tanks, or if you are killed.

· If you have more than 9 jeeps in reserve, the reserve counter will show an infinity symbol instead of a number (picture #3).

· BUG: Self-destructing tanks: This bug can be seen when using safe area #1 (above).  If you have a tank on the left side and a helicopter attacks from the bottom, you need to hit the helicopter on its first pass, otherwise the tank may soon self destruct!  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: Ghost chopper: If you hit a helicopter when it’s close to a screen edge, it may disappear and then briefly reappear somewhere else on the screen (picture #4).

· BUG: If the helicopter is hit at a certain time there will be a ringing sound, which continues until the helicopter is hit again. 

· BUG: In a 2-player game, if the 2nd player dies (after the demolished jeep goes away), and a tank then runs over the spot where the 2nd player’s jeep was, it will explode and the game will go on with the next man for both players.




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