· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Each time you reach the side of the screen, a character appears at the top of the screen.  There are 11 characters per level (except for the 9th level – when you reach the top platform, the game ends):

level 2 - 50150TELLTH
level 3 - EMSTOP8AH7Q
level 4 - 4/2AWI0Q?CW
level 5 - 5QBX6A//H6Q
level 6 -?49++AW4V#5
level 7 - YTWQBX#8AHV
level 8 - Q?NW?YBR5HN
level 9 - 3A(*)WVHOX

The message starts off normally (“INFORM CSI AT 50150 TELL THEM STOP”) but then turns to gibberish (or perhaps it’s a cryptogram?).

· Unlike most versions, platforms aren’t removed the further into the game you get.

· BUG: On the menu selection screen, the title is spelled “SPIES DEMISE”.


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