Sega Master System


When playing the demo version, press 1,2,3, or 4 to control the enemies.

Cheat codes: Unlimited lives - 00C00706

Start on level 2 00C0 0501

Start on level 3 00C0 0502

Start on level 4 00C0 0503

Start on level 5 00C0 0504

Start on level 6 00C0 0505

Start on level 7 - 00C0 0506

Start on level 8 - 00C0 0507

Start on level 9 - 00C0 0508

Start on level 10 - 00C0 0509

Start on level 11 - 00C0 050A

Jump Warp Through Screens - End 00C0-0409

BUG: If you press up while climbing down a rope, you'll climb up and then up into the air, through the ceiling, and into a new room. This allows you to do all sorts of cool things such as getting to different rooms easier and even getting to the treasure room really quickly letting you get to higher levels without much trouble. You can actually get to the treasure room right from the rope on the very first screen but you'll keep falling over and over once there. The "better" way is to climb up into the inventory or score box and then jump. It'll take you to a new room and eventually the treasure room.

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