Sega Master System


EASTER EGG: On rounds 1 and 4, shoot 10 Space Mines and Superman will appear. This will enable the hostages to run faster.

EASTER EGG: On rounds 2 and 5, shoot the Radio Towers on the boats and Jaws will come out of the water.

EASTER EGG: On rounds 3 and 6, enter the caves backwards and the fireballs can't kill you.

EASTER EGG: On round 4, for every 16 hostages you rescue, with none being killed, E.T. will appear.

Level Select - On the opening title screen press the Directional Pad up, down, left, right and then press Button 1. When the second title screen appears press Button 2 You will see the words "Round Select" on the screen. The number will cycle through 1-6 and when desired round is displayed press Button 1 to begin the game. It may take several attempts to get it to work since you have to press the buttons accurately and quickly.

Rescuing level 2 hostages - The last eight hostages on level two are in the submarine. Bomb the periscope as it appears from the water. This will cause the entire submarine to emerge. The hostages will appear on the bridge. Land next to them to start the rescue.

Stop tank from firing - Move up and down after landing to collect the hostages to prevent the tank from firing.

Hostage Tip - When the helicopter is shot, press both buttons and move the Directional Pad up and down. This will enable the hostages to eject out of the helicopter.


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