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· Debug mode: start the game by typing “WOLF3D GOOBERS” (for Spear of Destiny, type “SPEAR DEBUGMODE”).  Once in the game, hold down the LEFT SHIFT-LEFT ALT-BACKSPACE combination to activate.  The following commands can then be used:

  Tab-B  border color

  Tab-C  statistics

  Tab-E  jumps ahead to end level

  Tab-F  displays X and Y coordinates and angle

  Tab-G  God mode toggle

  Tab-H  hurt yourself (minus 16% health - God mode must be off)

  Tab-I  free items

  Tab-M  displays memory usage

  Tab-N  no clipping toggle (when on, you can walk through walls)

  Tab-Q  quit to DOS

  Tab-S  slow-motion toggle

  Tab-T  displays walls, sprites, and sound waveforms

  Tab-V  VBL interrups

  Tab-W  warp to any level

  Tab-X  extra stuff

Holding down M, I, and L gets you full weapons, ammo, health, and keys (but you lose all your points).


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