Odyssey 2


· BUG: Enter a stock name into one of your accounts, and wait for the price to be displayed. Do not press ENTER yet. Scroll to another account, and the stock and price you just entered will be displayed. Press CLEAR to clear this account. Then scroll back to the account where you first entered the stock. It will be blank except for the price, which will be the same as the stock you entered. Enter a number of shares to purchase and press ENTER. You will end up with shares of an unlisted stock called “BM¥” (The ¥ looks a bit different than that). BM¥'s value is equal to IBM's, but the game thinks you purchased it at the value of the first stock you typed in. So, if the purchase price of BM¥ is a lot lower than IBM's, you make free profit!  Note: if the stock you used is bankrupt, you won't get any money for selling it.

· BUG: Want to make cash fast? This trick won't help you if you're playing an actual game, but if you have ever wanted to "buy low and sell high," this is for you. First, you need to wait until at least one stock goes bankrupt (falls to a worth of 00). Buy a lot of the bankrupt stock. By this time, other stocks should be very low as well. When a positive News Flash breaks (such as the one about electronic foot massagers), buy a lot of shares of a very low-value stock (but not a bankrupt one). Then, start selling off your shares of bankrupt stock. You won't make or lose any money, but while you're keeping the game busy by selling, the News Flash won't change! Your other stock will continue to rise higher and higher, all the way up to 99. Then sell it and watch the bucks roll in!

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