Odyssey 2


· If a robot is chasing you in an area with few walls, you might be able to do this trick. Stand in such a way that the robot walks through your feet (your feet should be just about even with the robot's arm). Robots have to touch you near your midsection to get you, so he should just pass through your feet. If you're standing in the right place, the robot will run up and back toward your head, and pass through that too. You can avoid being tagged just by standing in the same place!

· BUG: Run into a vertical wall and hold the joystick toward it, so as to keep bouncing against the wall. While holding the joystick, push UP or DOWN quickly and let go of the joystick. If you timed it right, your man will start to bounce up or down against the wall by himself (if you pressed UP, he will move down, and vice versa). Now, while clinging to the wall, if your man comes into contact with a horizontal wall, he will pass right through it (up or down) and keep clinging to the vertical wall. If your man passes through the top or bottom of the screen, he will return to his starting position. Holding down the button will make your man bounce up or down faster. This is a great way to avoid the robots!  This technique has a unique application in mazes that have a vertical wall protruding up from the right side of the "cash box” (see picture).  Bounce against the protruding wall from the left (that is, you should hold the joystick to the Right to run into it). Perform the technique described above—just make sure to press UP, so you'll start bouncing down. You'll pass through the top of the cash box.  Press LEFT when you clear the top wall and you'll walk into the box! While in the box, you're completely safe from robots. You can walk into the countdown numbers, but be careful - sometimes walking through the numbers will cause you to lose money, as if you got tagged by one of the robots. But if you're in an income round and you've already got your white robot, walking through the numbers can sometimes cause you to "collect" the second robot as well, thereby keeping your opponent from getting it. Unfortunately, if you do "collect" the second robot, you don't get any additional income. To exit the box, press DOWN.

· BUG: Have both players move around on top of the money box and one will eventually fall down inside it.


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