Odyssey 2


Make a box in the middle of the screen (K4, E4, 3E, 4E) and donít have any bars within 2 bars away.  When you capture a monkey, throw it in the box Ė it wonít be able to get out.  You can repeat this indefinitely.  {Robert Milne}

BUG: In game #0, clear M8, O8, N8, K8, E8, and Y8.  Climb to the top and make a line from M4 to M7.  When 2 or more monkeys are against the right wall, jump to the right while holding the FIRE button down.  You can score up to 200 points as you slide down the wall!  {Brian Satinover}

BUG: You can program a maze (or sometimes it happens naturally) that has almost no horizontal bars on a side of the screen. If you go to the top and tag a monkey against the wall diagonally down and just hold the button down, you can keep retagging the monkey faster and faster until you reach the bottom and then a crunching, cutting sound occurs and your score can get up to 99. You can do this on the ground too. {Michael Cronis}

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