Odyssey 2


· 2 different labeled carts exist- the most common version's label has its copyright information written in yellow text and one of the ghosts pictured is yellow (U.S. only?); the other version has white text, and the same ghost is blue.  There doesn’t appear to be any difference in game play between the two.

· BUG: On games 3 and 8, there is a “safe zone” in the U-shaped section of the maze (see picture).  While in this spot, K.C. cannot be found by the Munchers.  {Jason Gohlke}

· BUG: (levels 5 and higher) Get into any spot where you can be safe (not move) for a while.  After a few minutes, the background sound will start dropping out more and more, until eventually it stops altogether!  Moving again will restart it.  {Aaron Howald}

· BUG: (levels 5 and higher) Sometimes when eating a power pill, the remaining power pills shift down 1 or 2 pixels.  This can happen more than once; you can have the last pill move down so low that you can’t get it in a horizontal tunnel (all the paths shift down)!  {Aaron Howald}


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