Odyssey 2


· Observation mode – Start by moving the red ship just out of sight on the left edge of the screen.  Next, take the yellow ship and begin destroying the planets (by crashing into them).  When only the 2 center planets are left, the aliens will never fire at you unless you fly into their line-of-fire, as they fight each other to control the planets (unless 1 ship gains control over both planets).  Use the fire from the red ship to turn a planet yellow if your yellow ship is destroyed.  You can now observe the aliens’ war and score points at will.  {John Loch}

· Pause mode - If a player moves his ship off-screen to the left (when the other ship is not on the screen), the enemy ships will stop moving and firing.

· FRYING: If you hit the ON/OFF button real quickly during a game, you can sometimes make the planets spiral inward to the center planet and then outward off the screen and eventually back. This adds an interesting variation when the UFOs can't see you!  {Michael Cronis}

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