· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Both controller button combinations must all be done simultaneously: hold down 2+3 on the RIGHT controller and 2+6 on the LEFT controller, and then press RESET.  Programmer Steve Ettinger's message to his wife (born on October 23) and twins (born on November 26) will appear (pictures #1 and #2).  {BSR}

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: To display the credits, press 0 on either controller while the title screen is displayed (picture #3).  {BSR}

· The original title/version was Hover Force 3-D, and was to use chromostereoscopy glasses (commonly known under the ChromaDepth name).  After INTV Corp picked up the rights to Mattel’s Intellivision properties, programmers Steve Ettinger and David Warhol increased the intelligence of the enemy, and graphics artist Joe King took out many of the color cues that worked with the glasses.  {BSR}

· When first turned on or reset, the game will flash a standard title screen (picture #4) just before it shows the normal one.

· In the game, the island of New Seeburg derives its name from programmer Steve Ettinger’s initials -  SEE.  {BSR}

· The 2nd difficulty level, “RANGER”, is named after the Blue Sky Rangers.  {BSR}


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