· HIDDEN MESSAGE: During gameplay, visit cities, in order, with the initials R-O-S-H-A (ROSHA is Bob Harris’ nickname).  You’ll then see a screen with the following message:  {Bob Harris}

Rosha, RObert S. HArris, born August 28th 1957, in Boalsburg Pennsylvania, BS Math CMU 1979, “we should NUKE the lawyers”, buy “Killer Bees”, press any key, “hi dad”.

Following this, some additional play features are enabled, an extra city (RoSHA Isle) appears in the ocean (bottom-right corner of the map) while provides unlimited fuel, and all the city names change to jokes:

Albuquerque                         Bob Buquerque
Atlanta                                  Plains
Augusta                                 Bar Harbor
Birmingham                          Tuscaloosa
Bismark                                Sink It
Boise                                     Spudland
Boston                                   Springfield
Brownsville                           Gulf of Mexico
Chicago                                 O’Learyville
Cincinnati                              Sin Sin City
Dallas                                    Cow Town
Denver                                  Mile High
Detroit                                   Motor City
El Paso                                  West Texas
Eugene                                  Me Gene
Fresno                                   Gold In Hills
Great Falls                            Good Stunts
Houston                                 Harris County
Jacksonville                           Sun Tan
Kansas City                           Missouri City
Knoxville                               Worlds Fair
Las Vegas                              Gamble Town
Los Angeles                           Smogland
Memphis                                Mimphis               
Miami                                     Your Ami
Minneapolis                           Maxiapolis
New Orleans                          PSU #1 – 1982
New York                               Bigappolis
Omaha                                    Gee Whiz Maha
Phoenix                                   Grand Canyon
Pittsburg                                 Boalsburg
Rapid City                              Rabid City
Reno                                      ‘No
Salt Lake City                        Tabernacle
San Diego                               Ship Yard
San Francisco                         Golden Gate
Savannah                                Athens
Seattle                                    Great NW
St. Louis                                  Sudsbury
Tampa                                     NOP Hospital
Tulsa                                       Joplin  
Washington                            Manassas

· If you hold down all 4 directions (UP+DOWN+LEFT+RIGHT) the cursor will move off the screen.  {Tony Roy}

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