SMURF: Rescue in Gargamel’s Castle

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On level 3, move between two forest screens very quickly.  The screen will freeze, the score will disappear, and 3 green initials will appear in the corner of the playfield!  {David Feldman}

· HIDDEN MESSAGE: On level 4, move between two forest screens very quickly and you’ll receive over 900,000 (919,500?)  points, and 2 initials!  {David Feldman}

· Stand next to Smurfette and let your energy run out.  When it does, she will punch you out!  {Bill Westerhoff}

· Leave the last screen (with Smurfette) – she’ll close her eyes and her dress will fall off!  {Jeff Schimelman}

· To keep Smurfette’s dress off until time runs out, use 2 joysticks in one port w/ a Y adapter (or use a roller controller) - stand on the skull and push one UP and the other DOWN.  Smurf will get lower and lower.  When he disappears, Smurfette will do her striptease and your Smurf will reappear at the top of the screen.  {Ramey Gonzales}

· If you reach a difficult screen, return to the previous one and then return.  By repeating this, the screen will most likely become easier.

· If you hold UP while repeatedly pressing DOWN Smurf eventually goes down off the path
and out of screen. Keep doing this even when you can no longer see him and
he'll reappear at the top of screen!  {Tony Roy}

· If you hold DOWN while tapping UP, you’ll move down off the path (see picture) and eventually wrap-around to the top of the screen!  {Tony Roy}


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