· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Press 3-2-6  when you are on the "Today's High Score" screen (which btw, spells out DAN on a phone keypad, for the programmer, Daniel Bienvenu.).  You’ll unlock a super-easy 1-player version at skill level 4.  {Dan Bienvenu}

· At the options screen, press “#” to see the “Today’s High Score” screen.  This is not mentioned in the manual.  {Al Backiel}

· At the high score screen, pressing “*” causes “N/A” to appear at the bottom.  Originally, each cart was going to be numbered and would have appeared there instead, but this feature was never implemented.

· If you finish the 20th level, the message “Happy 10th Anniversary” appears.  If you finish the final level, the message “You Win” appears, and the game ends.

· BUG: After completing all the levels (in 2-player mode), the Ms. Space Fury character will stay on the screen!  It only works in the 2-player mode.  Play game 5, 2-player, easy.  Use Ms. Space Fury only (don’t move player #2). Both players must be alive at game over.  After completing the game wait for the “You Win “ message and fanfare. Press # to reset game. Now the game cycles thru the 3 title screens. Both players are frozen in the same spot where the game ended. Screen 1 (Title) will now have 4 characters (2 frozen + 2 original).  It’s in the same spot on screen 2 (Alien head & tributes) and screen 3 (Coming attractions - this screen only shows when the game is completed)!  Thanks to Al Backiel for verifying this. {Dave Giarusso}

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