BUG: Mr. Do can fall onto the last unicorn on the board if it is stuck in a hole, w/o losing a life.

BUG: During scene 3, there was one last red unicorn to destroy. I grabbed the prize at the top of the castle right after I hit the third key block, and went to the second floor. I was going to hit the letter enemy with a block but instead fell through the hole, squashing him. When he squashed, it was on level one. The letter "X" completed my "E-X-T-R-A", and the game paused with music. When it came back, the guy  was re-squashed - this time he came out of the prize door on level seven and fell down into level six. I thought "no sweat" because I still had two lives left. During the next level, I died twice. I thought "Game Over" but instead the game continued on. After dying again, I realized I triggered an infinite lives bug.  {Norman Sippel}

BUG: The game messes up at level 32 in numbering levels. It goes like this: 31 -> 3: -> 3; -> 42... (normal counting)... 46 -> 42... (normal)... 53.  I was on level 53 when I quit. I was stuck on it because I killed off the last unicorn, but the game messed up when I hit it over the head with a block.  Instead of going to the next board, the monster and block became a blotch on the screen (covering up a window) and I was free to terrorize at will. By accident, I trapped myself out of the last cherry to complete the board. {Norman Sippel}

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