If you create a great character that is poor, then you can create an extra character that is rich. This extra character can buy things and then give them to the poor one. Just make sure the rich one is allowed to buy the items!  {Bruce Consolazio}

BUG: If you notice that, during combat, the enemy monsters are shown as several red horizontal lines, then a glitch with the RAM has occurred. This is usually caused by a faulty connection in the power supply (where it connects to the Colecovision console) or where the cartridge itself plugs in. Although sometimes jiggling these things a bit will fix the problem (you'll see it no longer happening), there is a serious side effect here: turning the game off even when combat is not taking place or your characters are back in town can cause them to be wiped out! As a safeguard, create an extra character and call him RAM TESTER. After returning to town, enter Diane's Drinking Depot, and remove your characters from the actual active adventuring party. Put RAM TESTER in, and leave Diane's Drinking Depot, so he is the only character shown. Turn off the game. If, later on, when you do turn the game back on and after "Selecting Game Version" the message "Your Party Has Been Wiped Out!" appears, then the glitch has occurred and you may have to enter your party's name again. However, this glitch does not affect anyone who is out of the actual, active party and safely in Diane's Drinking Depot. Only RAM TESTER will be gone. Simply put your actual characters back in the adventuring party, and play on. It is a good idea to do this in any case, as a precaution.  {Bruce Consolazio}

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