· An “enhanced” (unreleased) 32k version exists, known as Super Donkey Kong Junior (the title screen says SUPER DK JUNIOR), that was released for the ADAM which has the original start-up tune, improved (climbing) sound f/x, and all 4 screens (including the Hideout – picture #1).    Note that this is a modified version of the real ADAM Super Donkey Kong Junior version, which includes a 5th screen as well as the intermission with DK Jr. hanging onto an umbrella (following Mario’s helicopter) that were only accessible by entering a code.  Adam's House sells the ADAM version (which says, “RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN” on the title screen).

· Spring board level – it’s possible to use the spring board to jump up and grab the left moving chain!

· BUG: Spring board level - get to the top two vines, cross on the long platform, and walk into the opening.  You’ll land on the vine below.  Then go UP.  If done right, you’ll go through the platform and all the way to the top on an invisible vine (picture #2)!  {Doug Gritman and Todd Getschow}

· BUG: Spring board level – get on the right moving chain, hanging off the right side of it as low as possible (w/o falling).  Wait until the platform moves left and pull DOWN, catching the right edge of it.  You will sit in mid-air as the platform moves away (picture #3)!  {Jim Elliot}

· RUMOR: Position DK Jr. directly under a dirt section on the “pelicans” level.  Climb all the way up to the dirt, and then move him LEFT, RIGHT, and LEFT.  At that point, move LEFT, RIGHT, and LEFT again to climb through the dirt section.

· RUMOR: On the ADAM version, the 5th screen and intermission can only be unlocked with a code.  It may involve pressing/holding the LEFT and RIGHT buttons on the level select screen and then entering a code, like 1-3-2-1-2-1-2 or 1-2-3-1-2-1-2.


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