· 2 versions exist.  One has a glitch on the ramp screen (described below).

· An “enhanced” (unreleased) 32k version exists, known as Super Donkey Kong (the title screen says SUPER DK), that was released for the ADAM which has the opening intro and all 4 screens, as well as all the little end-screen animations (Kong climbing ladder with Pauline, etc.).  Also, some text was added - “Get Ready Player 1 (or 2)” between levels, and “Game Over” when the game ends.  Note that this is a modified version of the real ADAM Super Donkey Kong version.

· A 24k version also exists.  It’s unknown exactly where this version came from.  To tell the difference, the bonus timer in the original 16k version is 5 digits (picture #1); in the 24k version it’s 4 (picture #2).  There are also a few bugs (described below).

· To start at level 5, press # + 9; to start at level 6, press # + 0; to start at level 7, hold 0 + 9 and press #.

· BUG: If the bonus timer reaches 0100 you’ll die!  While the ‘death’ music plays, the timer will continue to run, and will change to 0000.

· BUG: When climbing a ladder (up or down), push in the desired direction, briefly. Then let the stick center and move again. You will move twice as fast the second time.

· BUG: The 24k version has a small stray pixel on the right side of DK (picture #2).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: Level Warp To automatically warp to stage two, on stage one walk up to first ladder. Climb the ladder halfway, and then climb back down. Now walk two steps back, then push ahead and jump at the same time. This should allow Mario to fall right through the bottom of the screen and end up at stage two, or after several seconds he'll appear on the top girder next to DK.

· BUG: Ramp screen have Mario jump when a barrel is passing directly overhead at the end of a ramp.  Points will be awarded as though Mario actually jumped over the barrel.  This trick works best when Mario is on the ramp directly below DK. This trick can also be used in a few places on the elevator screen as well.

· BUG: Ramp screen get the hammer and destroy a few barrels.  Then move to the edge of a ramp and fall off.  You won’t lose a life, but the hammer will disappear.

· BUG: Ramp screen move Mario up the first broken ladder, and then climb back down.  Walk to the left and position Mario so that his back is almost touching the same broken ladder.  Then move him 1 or 2 steps to the right and jump.  If done correctly, Mario will fall through the bottom and appear on the “rivets” level, or re-appear after several seconds on the top ramp next to DK.  Note- this only works on some versions.

· BUG: Ramp screen Barrels will sometimes roll right off the edge of a ramp (this will always happen if you’re on the top ramp). When this happens, occasionally, part of a barrel may appear in the lower-right corner.

· BUG: Elevator screen (24k version) – at the start, if you time it so that you jump off just as a platform is appearing, you’ll pass right through it (picture #3).  {Scott Stilphen}

· BUG: Elevator screen move to the top right part of the screen, to where the purse is located.  Position Mario directly above the short ladder and quickly move him UP and DOWN and he’ll pass through the metal floor.

· BUG: Elevator screen climb all the way to the top and approach DK. Stop at the 2nd ladder (the one closest to D.K.). Climb the ladder if it will let you, otherwise jump. You will see DK's face turn brown if a fireball is climbing the 1st ladder

· BUG: Elevator screen while on the “down” elevator, if you jump up when the elevator disappears, Mario may appear at the top where the elevator comes down (picture #4).  {Mike Kobialka}

· BUG: Rivets screen get under the “hat” prize and jump (press the FIRE button) - the hat will disappear and you’ll receive 300 points!  {Greg Maye}

· BUG: Cement Factory screen – this level was never finished (collision-detection is off).


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