· 3 versions exist! The unreleased version (pictures #1-#4) has different title screen credits, a different selection screen, and some slight text differences on the stage screens, from the released version (pictures #5-#8).  There’s also an enhanced ADAM version that has different title and menu screens, as well as extra graphics (pictures #9-#12).

· A prototype version exists that is similar to the original (unreleased) version, except that it has a few small bugs – the most interesting making it possible to quickly rack up dozens of extra lives!  Simply finishing the first stage gives you over a dozen.  If you play the game for a few stages, going in one direction, and then switch, you may get a “grumble” face icon in your reserve lives counter (picture #11).  {Scott Stilphen}

· Konami also made an enhanced version of Cabbage Patch Kids for the MSX, as well as knock-off of CPK for the MSX called Athletic Land.


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