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· HIDDEN MESSAGE: As soon as your Solvalou appears, move to the far right edge of the screen and begin bombing constantly. Continue bombing until the first set of attacking rings is very close to you, and then shoot the rings. The message “ORIGINAL program by EVEZOO” (Evezoo End - Masanobu ENDOH) will appear on the screen (picture #1).

· There are 16 different areas in Xevious.  There’s no indicator to tell you which one you’re in, but each is separated by a section of trees.  After completing area 16, the sections repeat starting with #7.  Picture #2 shows the complete map.

· There are 4 hidden flags in the game, hidden in areas 1, 3, 5, and 6.  Area 1: When you reach the first river, keeping bombing it from right-to-left, all around the bank closest to you; Area 3: Just past the rotating barriers is a small lake with a river that leads to an ocean.  Start bombing in the middle of the lake, towards the river.  The flag is near where the river meets the ocean; Area 5: After the first ocean is a dock/harbor.  The flag is in line with the longest dock.  Quickly bomb the entire length of that “line” to find it; Area 6: In the giant bird section, the flag is in the lowest point of the bird’s tail (lower-right corner).  Bomb horizontally from right-to-left and it will appear.

· There are six sets of Sol Citadels, hidden in areas 2, 3, 9, 13, 14, and 15. The targeting crosshairs will glow red when you are over one.  Bombing them uncovers them and nets you 2,000 points (bomb them again to destroy them). They come in groups of 1, 4, or 8. Unlike flags, these structures are always in the same place.  Area 2: When you see the three Grobdas in a row on the road, start laying bombs in the area around the cul-de-sac below the last tank in a right and diagonal-down point.  The citadel will be even with the cul-de-sac; Area 3: When you see the Garu Bara, go to the left of the Garu Bara and start bombing.  This is also the area that the second flag can be found; Area 9: There is a clearing right before you meet the second mother ship.  Where the road splits around the woods, start to bomb a little below the bottom edge of the road that goes to the right.  You should uncover four Sol Citadels; Area 13: At the point the desert ends, there is a little grass before the air field starts.  Use the bird’s leg as a reference and fly straight up. When the crosshairs glow, start bombing.  This will be the lower left Sol Citadel of the group which is arranged in two rows of four citadels.  You will be hard pressed to get all eight citadels; Area 14: After the plates roll by, look for where two roads merge into one road.  At the top edge of the slanted right hand road, start dropping bombs to uncover 4 citadels; Area 15: Look for a forest on the left side.  There will be a small clearing and then a river.  Bomb the small clearing to bring the citadels up. Watch for intense ground fire.  {Eddie Wyatt}

· For more information on the hidden flags and citadels, check out:

· The manual states to leave dip switch 8 (at position 10B) OFF but it actually has a function.  When OFF, the copyright message “ATARI/NAMCO” appears, and high-score names are 3 characters long. When ON, the copyright message is “NAMCO” only, and high-score names are 10 characters long!  If you change this switch during a game, it will freeze.  {Heinrich Rückeshäuser}

· With the above dip switch set to ON, the following names appear in the high score list:

"M.Nakamura" (Masaya NAKAMURA) – president of Namco
"Evezoo End" (Masanobu ENDOH) – game designer and programmer
"S.Okamoto" (Shin-ichiro OKAMOTO) – planner
"S.Kojima" (Shin-ichi KOJIMA) – another Namco staffer
"Eirry Mou." (unknown)

· The zapper and blaster buttons were reversed between the Japanese and U.S. arcade versions.

· The giant ground drawing of a bird is based on actual geoglyphs called Nazca Lines.

· BUG: The highest score possible is 9,999,990, at which point the game resets!

· BUG: Soon before reaching the maximum score, the game starts to award extra lives on every blaster shot fired.



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