Arcade games 


On level two part two, the sewer, if you stand right on the very edge of the platform, no one can hit you, but you can hit them.

On Level 2 Part 2 (Sewer) the end of level boss is Baxter in his Flying Mouser Machine. If you use the edge of platform trick (so you wont get killed), kill all the mousers that are dropped (one mouser = one point). Just keep killing them and Baxter will fly away. If you kill Baxter you only receive one point, but killing all the mousers yields many more.

Walk along so that a Yellow Foot soldier (boomerang man) gets stuck behind an object (e.g. a fire hydrant). Move close enough to the enemy so that he begins to throw his boomerang and continue to hit the projectiles to gain points.

On the next to last level (the end boss is Granitor), when a module (the big drill that Rocksteady comes out of on Level 1) comes up out of the ground lots of Blue Papela bugs will be released. As soon as the door opens, jump into the air as high as possible and then drop down performing a heavy swing. If you time the move right you will destroy all the bugs at the same time.

Hit the skateboarding lady on Level 2 to gain an additional point.

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