Arcade games 


· 2 (ROM) versions exist.  In the original, after crossing the bridge to the Far Reaches, you face Sorsabal in the Catacombs.  In the alternate version, after you cross the bridge, you’ll meet the Dunes People again.  You have to give them the Onyx Seal to get past, after which you meet Sorsabal in the Catacombs.  {Tony M. Victorino}

· The original home Halcyon version was on a double-sided laserdisc, whereas the arcade version is on a single-sided disc – the result being a lot of footage was dropped for the arcade. 

· There are at least 3 secret warps!  #1 – press the Hunting Horn key as soon as you get that object, instead of choosing a place to go.  You’ll be transported to the Black Keep using the Hunting Horn on the Lizard Men.  #2 – press the Magic Bow key as soon as you receive that item from the Amazon Woman.  The game will glitch out a bit at this point (see below), but just press the REPLAY key to continue on through it  You’ll end at a scene with you using the Magic Bow at the Hedge Maze.  #3 – press the Crystal key just after you use the Blood Sword to harvest the Silver Wheat.  You’ll be transported back to the 3 elementals where you use the Crystal to destroy them.

· When prompted to type in your name, do nothing. After intervals of one minute or so, the game speaks out saying things like 'Do not be shy, enter your name', 'Have you gone to the toilet?', 'Do not be a stranger now, enter your name', 'Look lively now' and a whole host of other funny comments.

· Neither version has an ending, since the remaining 2 kingdoms in the game (The Far Reaches and Shadoan) were never completed.  When you reach the last scene and get past the guard (pictures #1 and #2), you’ll then see a message telling you to press any key to continue (picture #3).  The laserdisc contains 3 alternate ‘game over’ messages as well (pictures #4 - #6) – 2 of which mention 2 different sequels!.  It’s unknown why they are on there, as there doesn’t seem to be any way to trigger their appearance.

· Here’s a complete listing of all the different ranks you can obtain, from lowest to highest:

Novice Illusionist
Journey Class Illusionist
Master Class Illusionist
Novice Spell Weaver
Journey Class Spell Weaver
Master Class Spell Weaver
Novice Soothsayer
Journey Soothsayer
Master Class Soothsayer
Novice Diviner
Journey Class Diviner
Master Class Diviner
Novice Mystic
Journey Class Mystic
Master Class Mystic
Novice Magician - The ways of magic are open to you.
Journey Class Magician - Step lightly through the clouds.
Master Class Magician - You know the ways of the ancient spells.

· BUG: At the start of a game, lose all your lives (don’t make any moves).  The game will then offer you a pointer for 250 points.  If you press YES, it will offer you a clue (“Take the left door”), and then show your final score as 0.  The next time around, if you press NO instead, your final score will be 178!  {Tony M. Victorino}

· BUG: When activating the 2nd warp, you’ll see the next scene on the disc (which happens to be a death scene) of you trying to steal the Bow from the Amazon Woman where you end up getting stoned to death.  After that, you’ll then see the next scene on the disc of you walking toward the Amazons again.  The screen will then freeze at this point, b/c the game thinks it's playing the scene with Thayer using the Magic Bow on the Hedge Maze.

· RUMOR: A 2-sided laserdisc of the arcade version is believed to exist. 



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