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· HIDDEN MESSAGE: According to programmer Ed Rotberg, the prototype version has a somewhat risqué ending sequence that can be triggered to appear, but this was completely removed from the release version.  {Ed Rotberg}

· Secret warp: Start out at level 11 (Labyrinth) and complete it. On level 12 (Coat Hanger) go right and catch the boost and continue going right. You will fly up and then continue and cross the finish line. You’ll get 20k and warp to the end of level 18! The warp is only available on 'Software version 24.0' and lower (see Update section for more information).

· BUG: In level 9, after one grabs the first boost pad and opts for the tunnel, rather than the warp, the game will often freeze and reset upon exiting the tunnel.  {Richard Marsh}

· BUG: When scores of 700,000 have been reached, the machine will start truncating the wrong digits! So if you have a score of 700,250, the machine will display it as "7250". A score of 907,385 becomes "97385". A truncated score will appear in the correct place in a high-score list as though the score was not truncated. So that "7250" score will appear between non-truncated entries of 712,900 and 690,775.  {Richard Marsh}

· BUG: If you reach the Ultimate Challenge, and fail to achieve one of the top five distances in that challenge, the machine will not enter your final score onto the high-score list no matter how high the score. Of course if you fail to reach the Ultimate Challenge, any high score is entered onto that list!  {Richard Marsh}

· RUMOR: There is another secret warp in the game, possibly starting on level 9, which may take you to level 13 or 14 (which means you can only use one of the warps per game).

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