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Flying between the legs of Imperial Walkers can yield a rather hefty bonus: 5,000 points for the first time, 10,000 more points for the second, 15,000 additional points for the third, and so on. The best way to do this is to line up and fly through it from the side. After flying through, continue forward and the next walker will appear directly ahead.

During the tie fighter sequence, if you shoot the ships before they leave the screen, you will stay focused on the Executor and have a very target-rich environment.

The best way through the asteroid field is to aim for a far corner and stick with it unless you absolutely have to dodge an oncoming asteroid.

Itís not obvious, but when the high score list is displayed at any time, you can use the flight yoke to scroll up and down the list to see all of the top 25 players. Moving the flight yoke far left and far right will switch between the instructions and the high score list.

BUG: At the end of the asteroid field, the game says it is awarding points and a Jedi letter. However, the points are never added to the player's score.

BUG: If the player spells "JEDI" at the end of the tie-fighter sequence and dies during the asteroid field, the Jedi bonus timer will continue to run during the attract mode.

BUG: The high score list will reset if the Jedi-letter mode is changed on the game options screen.

BUG: Off of the screen, and to the right of the word "JEDI" (or the wave number indicator) is a two digit number. Itís visible if you shrink the X-axis. For very simple displays, the number may be 12 or so. As the playfield becomes more complex and the game slows, this number will go to 40 or 50. It is not a measure of the number of vectors on the screen or the frame rate, but appears to be a timing delay indicator. Obviously, it was intended for the programmers of the game, and it should have been removed before production.

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