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HIDDEN MESSAGE: After fighting the TIE fighters, when you are flying towards the Death Star, the yellow lines on the Death Star spell out either "MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU" (odd-numbered waves) or peoples' names (even numbered waves).   They also appear after hitting the exhaust port.

Started as a game called Warp Speed, by Ed Rotberg, who also designed the controller (it was first used for Army Battlezone).  It was originally to be a split-screen, head-to-head game.

In the trench you can "use the force" and get bonus points by not shooting anything except the exhaust port (the text "USE THE FORCE" will be at the top of the screen until you shoot). You get 5k for the first wave, 10k for the second and 100k on every level from 3 up! The bonus is actually awarded just before you have to shoot the exhaust port, so it's possible to take out some of the gun turrets at the end, too.

After wave 12, the red tanks on the tower stage stop firing.

The score counter rolls at 99,999,999.  The wave counter will freeze at 99.

An FAQ for playing strategies can be found at:

BUG: There's a bug in the code that doesn't correctly update the displayed shield count during the adding of the bonus after each completed level.  On rare occasions you can get 255 shields!

BUG: In the tower scene, you can shoot fireballs that are hidden behind the towers.

BUG: In the trench scene, you can shoot fireballs through the catwalks.

RUMOR: If you shoot Darth Vader more than 30 times, you get extra shields. Don Hodges proved conclusively that this is not possible:


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