Arcade games 


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Accessing programmers screen credits (see picture).  This 3-combo trick must be done during a game, and each combo must be done within ¼ seconds of each other:


· Secret “zowie” bonus – Kill all the Landers except one.  Let it capture a humanoid, then shoot it, letting him fall.  Catch him just as his feet touch the ground and the screen will black out for a second, and then re-appear with a burst of colors and a bonus of 2,000.

· On a Defender wave, save a Lander for the last opponent in the attack wave, and then let it pick up a humanoid.  Fly at the Lander at top speed, and (just before colliding with it), shoot it and pull down – if timed right, you’ll catch the humanoid before the wave finishes and earn an extra 500 points.

· Entering the Stargate with 4 or more humanoids will warp you ahead 4 attack waves; however, warping is not allowed after wave 13.

· On the Firebomber showdown (every 10 waves), if you press hyperspace as soon as the ship appears, the pod intersection will be in the middle of the Firebombers.  Because of this, it will only take 1 or 2 smart bombs and a little firepower to clear the wave.  {Michael LoMarro}

· BUG: If you hit Hyperspace (or Inviso + Hyperspace) at the same time you enter a Stargate, and then again the instant you reappear, the terrain will move to the center of the screen and start scrolling quickly! This will also happen if you press Reverse and Warp at the same time you enter a Stargate.

· BUG: Coming out of Hyperspace while the screen is very "busy" with objects can cause "time effects", like getting destroyed, but not actually blowing up for a second or two.  Happens when rematerializing on top of an enemy projectile; you will start to move, but the collision will "catch up to you" a little later.  Sometimes, your ship explodes before rematerializing completely.  {James Twine}

· BUG: If you pick up a lot of humanoids and land them all at a very low point on the ground (pull straight down from the top of the screen), sometimes some of them will "fall through" the bottom of the screen and appear at the top.  They will then start "walking down" the screen.  {James Twine}

· BUG: If you hit Inviso, Smart Bomb, and Hyperspace at the same time and then release all but Inviso, and successfully re-enter from hyperspace, your ship sometimes remains visible, but is in "Inviso mode", such that you can safely collide with alien ships and projectiles.  Note that you still use up your "Inviso Time" when like this.  {James Twine}


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