Arcade games 


· 2 versions exist.  In the original version, the three sparks were slow enough that it was possible to outrun them in the ship. The player could, by using the wraparound playfield, fly out of the right side (appearing on the left), while firing a few shots, then fly out the top (appearing at the bottom), again firing a few shots. This pattern automatically avoided the sparks, and opened up the walls of the Star Castle. This technique allowed for hours of play. A later revision of the game sped up the sparks enough that this method would fail.

· At 180,000 (and every 180,000 thereafter) all 3 defenses move very slowly (game’s difficulty level resets).

· The star constellation in the background is actually the outline of the centerfold from the February 1980 issue of adult magazine OUI.  Management nearly stopped production of the game when they found out.

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