Arcade games 


· A prototype version exists that features the theme from James Bond.  When Midway couldn’t secure the rights to use it, it was changed to the Peter Gunn theme.

· If the road is drawn to the extreme right side of the screen when the car is dropped off by the weapons van, you can drive across the grass and water to pass any difficult areas that might be ahead.

· The game has a “governor” of sorts on the accelerator. By removing the plastic piece underneath the gas pedal (or even dislodging the pedal), you can increase the default speed of the car if there is no access to the test switch (i.e., if one finds the game at a bowling alley and want to drive faster than it allows).

· After being let out of the van, due to crash or weapons upgrade, one can use the truck itself as a buffer to smash other cars off the road!

· Safe spot: Have a supply truck available, get to a level with a bridge out.. When the detour appears, don't take it, but instead call up your truck. When the road straightens out into the bridge, enter the truck.  When the truck stops, stay on the side of the road, and slowly drive up until you reach the gap in the bridge and stop when your car is about half-way over the edge. An Enforcer will appear but he won’t be able to reach you. At this point the game is effectively ‘paused’.  When you want to resume the game, start driving and you’ll harmlessly drive over the gap (see picture)!  This trick will also affect the gameplay in that the Enforcer won’t appear and the game difficulty won’t increase.  Also, Dr. Torpedo no longer appears on water sections!

· The player’s car was based on one of the designer's own Nissan 280z. The name of the car, the G-6155, is a clever tribute to designer George Gomez - the numbers stand for his birth date.


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