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· Although not mentioned anywhere on or in the game, it’s possible to recharge your shield.  With your shield power completely drained, on the bonus screen, run into the screen border 5 times with the shield button held down each time.

· BUG: When too many objects are on the screen (there’s a limit), and a larger one is shot, it will disappear completely!

· BUG: From Owen Rubin – “If a saucer was targeting a player and that player died (hit by an object or another player's shot), the saucer was supposed to immediately target the other player. However, a small bug kept this from working correctly all the time. A dead player, when ready to be reset on the field, would be set at a random position on the screen and marked invisible. The game logic would wait until the player could be safely reappeared on the screen, and another check to make sure there were no objects within some set distance before activating the player. The same logic told any saucers targeting that ship to leave the screen, meaning that when they reached an edge, they would not be restarted for some period of time. However, it is possible to collide with a saucer with shields on and cause the saucer to stop moving, or go very slowly on the screen. When the player it was targeting was randomly set to a new screen position to reappear, the saucer would star shooting at that spot as if it were trying to shoot the player, which of course was not there yet really. The safe entry detection did not check for shots, as they were not supposed to be any, as the saucer was SUPPOSED to leave the screen. A reappearing ship in this case would be shot at immediately. This did not happen very often, but to compensate for any possible errors in any collisions or shots, and give the player a reasonable chance, all reappearing ships are invulnerable for a few seconds as they "blink" in, giving the player time to move and shield before the ship could be hit again.”

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