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· 2 different release versions exist!  The later version shows enemy characters (and a slightly different title font – picture #2), compared to the original version (picture #1). In addition, the later version has different locations of the Machine-Gun-Bullet rooms in areas 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 1, there’s a different enemy arrangement, ‘continue’ and ‘extra life’ features were added, and you’re only give 150 time units (instead of 180).

· You can visit the ammo rooms more than once!  After having stocked up on your bullets from a particular room (for example, a Machine-Gun-Bullets room), go forward past the door approximately the distance of two jumps, then turn back and enter the room again. The reason this works is because the game is divided into invisible 'sections'. Once you cross a section boundary, the game forgets everything from the previous section.

· At the end of each level there is a force field, which drags you through the door. Just before you get sucked in, turn your back to the exit and make low jumps (jump button only) while pushing the joystick towards the exit. That results in jumping a bit backwards every time. When the force field catches you, you'll do a cool Michael Jackson'esque exit!

· BUG: In levels 5 and 10, once you get to a certain point in the level (around halfway through), you come up against two boxes stacked on top of each other (i.e. you can't jump over it), and a platform above you (on which you jump and continue to the right). At this point, jump up onto the platform, then position yourself at the very right edge of the railing on the platform (you can only jump up/down where railing is present) which should correspond to the very left edge of the boxes, then jump down. This will put you at the very left edge of the boxes. Then, making sure not to move the joystick to the left, walk towards the right, hit the jump button, and watch yourself get somewhat caught between the bottom and top boxes, then jump right again, clearing the top box and landing on the ground. Now comes the neat part. Don't fire at anyone, and don't panic, but simply go to the right and watch yourself WALK THROUGH EVERYBODY! You can simply walk past everyone until you get to the last guy (the guy in the cloak). Then, if you have properly stocked up on MG bullets earlier on this (or another) level, simply hold down the fire button and watch him collapse an inch in front of your face. One last note about using this is that on level 10, in that last area before the final arena, there's the "stairs-like" hurdles, and on each of these steps, one of those annoying white guys will appear. You have to be careful not to be in too much of a hurry, or they will follow you into the arena, where they can and will hurt you, or keep you busy enough that the guy in the cloak will. So make sure you have a little extra time to let those guys disappear off the screen (after you've made all of them appear) before going after the guy in the cloak in the arena.


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