Arcade games 


· HIDDEN MESSAGE: Accessing programmers screen credits (see picture).  This 3-combo trick must be done during a game, and each combo must be done within ¼ seconds of each other:

  1. Direction joystick RIGHT + fire joystick UP + 1P button
  2. Direction joystick UP + fire joystick DOWN + 2P button
  3. Direction joystick DOWN + fire joystick UP.  Let go of the fire joystick and the message will appear.

· 2 different versions exist!  They are denoted by the color of the labels on the chips – yellow/orange and blue.  The yellow/orange set has a default difficulty of 5, the demo calls Quarks “Cubeoids”, and the default high score is 131,682.  The blue set has a default difficulty of 3 and the default high score is 151,782.  It also attempted to fix the corner shot bug (described below).

· The original name for the game was 2084 - Robotron, but “Robotron” was more commonly used by virtually everyone involved, and the game was renamed shortly before production. This is why the cabinet side artwork simply has the number 2084 vertically.

· BUG: Harmless tanks - On the tank wave, leave 1 tank and avoid its fire until it stops (20 shots).  The tanks won’t fire again unless you are killed.

· BUG: In the first brain wave (wave 5), a mistake in the Brains' algorithm can help you gain a vast amount of points. There is one Mikey with lots of Mommies - however, the mistake in the algorithm causes the Brains to seek out Mikey rather than the Mommies. Therefore, if you can keep the brains from getting to Mikey without picking him up yourself (at least until you rescue all the Mommies), you stand to gain a huge amount of points - up to 5,000 points for each Mommy.

· BUG: Brains can be lured to constantly run into the right wall (if you stay on the right wall too).

· BUG: You can crash the game if you shoot into the corners. The blue romset supposedly fixed this, but there’s still a 1-in-3,000 chance of it happening.  It was believed that turning the ‘fancy’ attract mode off would fix this, but it can still happen.


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